Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Missing the sound of little feet.

For the past 5 nights, I've come home to the sound of crickets chirping: just complete, total silence.

No screaming, no crying, no shouting, and no fighting. The phrase "Guess what Rakes did today?" has not been uttered. Nor has "I told her to just wait until her Dad got home to find out what her punishment would be".

On the other hand, there have been no cries of "Daddy's home!" followed by all three of the little rug rats running toward me for a group hug. No kiss hello from my wife, and no laughing hysterically while Rakes drops trou and chases his sister around the house.

I've enjoyed my peace and quiet, but I think I'm about ready for a return to It's a Mad, Mad World.

No big beach stories yet: Trot managed to bust his forehead open 5 minutes after they got there, so it sounds like nothing much has changed with him.

Ciera and Rakes were having a track meet in Old Navy, where Angie thought they were going to be asked to leave the store, which sadly is par for the course.

Rakes is all excited about tomorrow night: they are going to "Medevil Times" where you eat dinner and watch knights ride horses, joust, and have sword fights, which should do wonders for his penchant for grabbing anything resembling a sword and shouting "Me donna dill you, Taptain Hook."

I guess if he doesn't end up on the floor with them and in the middle of the action, it'll be called a good night.

Writing that down, I just realized: I may need another silent night or two after all.


KAYLEE said...

WHEN Do they come home?

Ted D said...

Saturday Kaylee.

Tex said...

i know you miss them terribly...but you better enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts :)

you can sleep when you're dead

Ted D said...

I am Texas, I am.

They called a little bit ago, and hearing Rakes tell me about his "Allidator" his PaPa bought him, I suddenly turned into a blubbering idiot.


Tex said...

awwwwwwwwwww! now get your head back in the game and send PVS

Ted D said...

I'm back Tex, I'm back.

Sending PV's to the boyos.

Tex said...

you out in the water Ted? buoys?

Ted D said...

BOY O's Tex.

Just a play on words.

And when did YOU get so sensitive about spelling words correctly?

edgeofdesign said...

Hey Ted! I've been reading your blog ever since Angie showed it to me. You write extremely well and could probably publish your own book some day. It won't belong before you family is home and then you can relax again!

edgeofdesign said...

Hey, next time I think I'll take a little more time and edit before I select publish. Sorry for the typos!

Ted D said...

edge of design, I have no clue who you are or what Angie told you.

All I know is that I was NEVER on Aisle 5:

I promise.

Thank's for the compliment, though I doubt I could ever write a book.

The blog is just cheaper than a therapist is all.

scott h said...

Jr call me and I will have my kids reenact all the chaos I heard while I was at your house. I know it wont be at the same level but it might get you by till the return of the human sound effect machine!

HorshamScouse said...

I read your title as 'Missing The Sound Of Little Feat' and immediately started looking for Dixie Chicken!

In a couple of weeks time, this week will seem like a dream but that 'Daddy's home!' moment is priceless.

Ted D said...

John, as I get ready to head out, it is so quiet I can hear the refridgerator humming: do you know how long it's been since I could hear that? :)

I'm enjoying it while it lasts, though I may call Scott and take him up on the reinactment offer!

gojohn said...

That quiet can be strange when you're used to all the noise and "mad mad world" as you say. My kids are going to the grandmothers Fri & Sat.

Ted D said...

John, enjoy your weekend of quiet!

Listened to the game on the radio when I could: very nice win, and coupled with the Yankees coming back from 8-0 to tie and and still lose 13-9, it's a happy day!

8 games up!

Mattie said...

Glad to hear the Stankees lost. Just reading that makes me smile.

Dude, I bet you were ready to have them back 5 minutes after they left. It messes up your routine.

Ted D said...

I've actually made out better than I thought I would: only time it's gotten a little dusty was when I talked to Rakes last night.

I've made it this long, I can make it 2 more days.

KAYLEE said...

The sox scored all their runs when I had the game off.

Ted D said...

Then whatever you do, don't turn it on again.