Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sweeping into New York

Guy on top? You expect big bombs from him: guy on bottom? He hadn't seen one of his hits leave the park since June 20th. Today, both of 'em helped the cause in 11-1 series sweeping win over the White Sox today.

JD got it started in the second inning with a solo home run, and Papi's came during a 4 run fifth inning. Bobby Kielty hit his first HR as a Sox player in the 6th, joining the hit parade with a 2 run shot, and the rout was on.

All year long the Sox have gotten by on excellent pitching and timely hitting: finally, in late August, the bats have caught fire and are seemingly on one of those beat down modes that make for a runaway September. This weekend, we saw what can happen when great pitching tag teams with a devastating lineup: 46 runs and a 4 game sweep.

All I could think of this afternoon is how dejected the Yankees must be while in Detroit: knowing the best they can come home to is a 7 game deficit to face the best team in baseball.

Only now, the best team resembles the ringer team in the local beer softball league: running up the score, flirting with your girlfriend, and flipping you off at the same time.

Come Friday of this week, my greatest wish is that the Boston Red Sox have pounded the final nail into the coffin of the New York Yankees 2007 season.


Tex said...

I want a sweep this week but realize it isnt even necessary at this point.

Is it wrong to want to beat a team down so bad...they can't even look up?

Ted D said...

No Tex, it's not wrong. I want a repeat of Chicago against the Yankees.

I want Jeter and Arod fighting in the dugout, Torre passing out, and Posada openly weeping behind the plate.

I want them to HURT.

Tex said...

Theres gonna be a rumble in the Bronx

Ted D said...

THAT would be sweet: I can see Wednesday's Beckett/Roger matchup turning into a beanball war.

Beckett won't back down an inch: it's been awhile since we had a good fight: 2004 in fact.

I seem to remember that turned out OK.

Tex said...

July 24, 2004
i remember it well too. its my mothers birthday.

Ted D said...

Her birthday on fight day, your's on Halloween.

You've got it easy remembering birthdays, Tex.

sittingstill said...

Ted, I have to note for the record that while my man hadn't been credited with a home run since June 20, he indeed saw one of his hits leave the park on July 20 at Fenway. Umpires acknowledged the next day that they'd missed the call--but more important, Tex and JET and I were all there to attest that indeed, it went out, and it should have counted.

(I'm getting my cape made soon, emblazoned with "J.D.D.B."--the J.D. Defense Brigade!)

Ted D said...

Kelly, I've been pulling for Drew all year. With all that he's had to deal with, his son, the big contract, etc.. I feel for him.

And I remember the HR that wasn't. I was just jacked to see him come through today. Hopefully it'll carry over for the rest of the year.

And the cape would be awesome: I think you need to get one!

Tex said...

Kelly's gonna have a cape too? Watch out Baltimore the Caped Duo is headed there.

gojohn said...

I like your thinking Ted...let the Yankees lose Monday and it's a 8 game lead. As a Sox fan, I still worry but even with the worst case scenario the Red Sox would still be up 4 games this coming Friday.

Nice to see JD hit one!

Ted D said...

Tex, you rocking a cape in Baltimore as well?

John, that's worse case: best case is we have an 11 game lead come Friday.

Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!

Tex said...

yah have you noticed my new sn on SG? my cape is gonna be the flag and im wearing my boots

Ted D said...

Good grief: Tex in a cape and boots.

Glad I've go a digital camera to record all this for posterity's sake!

KAYLEE said...

I want to sweep those GUYS!

Mattie said...

Hey, did y'all know that NHL training camps open next week?

HorshamScouse said...

Speaking of sweeps, it would be good if the Tigers could help out behind Verlander on Monday, with a really late finish to get the MFYs back home exhausted (cue another 4 hour rain delay).

After that, Dice-K vs Pettitte has to be a tossup; JB vs the FUT = handsdown JB; and Curt rising to the occasion against Wang. Right now I'd take a series win, thanks.

From there, Sox would have a 9.5 game lead with 30 games left. If they lost the division from there....

Also, the MFYs would be serious numbers of games behind in the wildcard (right now Seattle have three more games left than NY), so Y*****s in the wildcard would be a stretch.

Ted D said...

What is this NHL you speak of Mattie?

Horsham, all kidding aside, I'd be thrilled with a series win over the Yankees: I think that would all but eliminate them from the division.

And the Mariners continue to play well, so NY has got a lot of ground to make up just in the wild card race, let alone the division.

How's tomorrow looking, by the way?

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Texas a very big and beautiful state indeed! I haven't been able to catch up to your blogs but wanted to say Hello!

scott h said...

Jr hopefully all your wishes will come true. Maybe you can calm down a little bit. Counting my free days till we open up.

Matt, take a look at Teds new friends blog edgeofdesign, I believe she gives you a run for your money on deep end thoughts! I didn't comment but we might could let her join the band. I wonder if she can sing?

Ted D said...

Won't be calm until November Bub!

Maybe I can relax then: when is the fall opening again?

Yep: Denise gives Mattie a run for his money on going deep: and yes, I realize I'm as shallow as a tide pool, but that' OK. The world needs a few of us mini minds to give the smart folk something to talk about.

beckperson said...

Ted, I am predicting a double-digit lead by the end of the series.


Posada weeping behind the plate would be gravy!

Kelly, I remember JD's previous "home run" all too well! :-) I would have mentioned it if you hadn't!!

Go Tiggers!

Ted D said...

Hi becks,

Double digit lead would be fine by me: I just hope it's 11.

I really want to see them in a state of panic and unrest in the dugout like the White Sox had the other day.

And I rememberd JD's "home run": I'm just a stickler for the facts. ;)

Go Tigers!

Christine E. said...

Evening everyone...

WOW..was that a mst excellent weekend or WHAT?

I love the fact that all the pressure is on the Yanks

And I am with you..I want them buried so deep theyw ill never dig themselves out..I was them playing golf and picking out new shades of purple lipstick September...

Hope everyone is well!

Go Sox!

beckperson said...

I like how you think, Christine!


Ted D said...

Hi Christine,

2 down, 1 to go. Ciera is brushing her teeth, so all will be quiet in a few minutes!

Most excellent covers it Christine: great weekend, and hopefully the MFY's do thier part and we head to the Toilet with an 8 game lead.

Talk like that Christine, and you'll make a friend for life with Becks. ;)

Mattie said...

Bub, I checked out the Edge of Design, and I concur...she probably should be in the band!

Christine E. said...

I guess the boys are all over the sickness? See, its all over in one fell swoop..if they did it 1 at a time, you'd be drooling and talking to yourself (more..teheheheh) by the middle of the 2nd week..LOL

Becks: I image of Posada weeping is a beautifil one...whenever hy husband sees him he always yells, "Trout net!" cause it seems like he often has trouble cathcingt he ball..he also does a pretty good David Schwimmer (sp?) imitation" MON, how come I can't catch the BALL, Mon?"

Yes, we are sick and twisted...LOL

Tigers are BEATING the CRAP out of the Yankees...10-0..Whooo Hooo!

scott h said...

Are you finished giving cough medicine to the kids to knock them out?

Ted D said...


The Yankees got beat 16-0.

I am full of joy and happiness.

8 games back and the Red Sox coming to town.

Gonna be a LONG flight home from Detroit tonight.

No cough medicine, Bub. Just wore 'em out on the playhut today. God bless my wife.

Christine, they are much better: the noise level and flying toys give me all the evidence I need.

Mattie said...

I told you there was nothing to worry about.

Ted D said...

Doubting Thomas, get away from me.

You are shameless.

scott h said...

Jr. you are starting to sound like the guy who will have a freakout when the game is interrupted to warn that ragheads have come a shore at Myrtle Beach!

scott h said...

Oops. that's not politically correct

Ted D said...

Bub, they are going to flag you as a commentor if you don't watch it.


Look out your window: is Reverend Al there yet?

Mattie said...


Mattie said...

Just so you know, that laugh was for Ted's comment, not Bub's trip down 60s lane.

Didn't they just send some old racist to jail for thinking stuff like that?

Ted D said...

New post racists.

You two should be ashamed of yourselves.