Monday, August 6, 2007

Back where he belongs

*Picture from the Boston Globe*

I've used this picture before, but it seems sort of appropriate: coming on the heels of Beckett winning his 14th game, Schilling is back on the hill tonight.

7 weeks to the DAY since he last pitched, Schilling takes the ball in Anaheim to take on the first place Angels. A healthy Schilling makes this rotation one of the best in baseball, and according to reports on his rehab assignment, the old man is ready to resume his quest for the Hall of Fame.

Getting Schill back is better than any trade they could have made, and if he's got his stuff together, the Red Sox could put the division away by early September.

It's back to 10 pm starts, so I gotta go and do a keg stand on some Mt Dew: I'm way behind on my caffeine intake for the day, and I need to catch up.

Keep the train rolling boys: I want a beat down so epic they never get the chance to use those thundersticks and take that rally monkey out of it's cage.


Christine E. said...

Evening everyone...:-)

Ted, I found out that to pound liquid really fast, if you get a bend-y straw and you get a bottle and if you put the straw in the bottle and hold it agaist the bottle, and drink it, you can drain the bottle in about 3 seconds--my boss calls them a beer bong...LOL

So.. that might work for the mountain dew...LOL

Thanks for your comments, you are my faithful friend...:-)

30 minutes!

Go Schill, go Sox...

Ted D said...


Evening: I may have to try that straw thing on a 2 liter bottle of Mt Dew for these late night games!

And you are welcome. Friend yes, but you do a heck of a job putting everything that happened the previous day into a well written informative blog. Good on ya'. I enjoy reading you everyday.

So we're clear: friend first, but I keep coming back for the writing!

Well, that and HOLY BUCKETS! Makes me laugh every time!

Christine E. said...

I think you're going to need a pretty big straw...LOL

Thank you for the kind words--your no slouch in the writing dept either--even if I dont have a chance to comment, I always read...

and you have fun and crazy relatives--:-)

Go Sox!

KAYLEE said...

Christine:why isnt it letting me into your blog? It could just be my computer.

Ted D said...

AWWW, I'm blushing.

And yes, sorry Stacy, my family is certifiable.

So that helps.

How's married life treating you?

Christine E. said...


I have no idea--you can't get to the site, or can't lave a comment?

My family is crazy as well, but not really in a good way..:-)

Married life is good,not all that much different...:-)

26 days to our honeymoom! (we are cruising to Bermuda!) :-)

15 minutes!

KAYLEE said...

Christine:I got it up but it wont let me comment.A message kwwp coming up.

Christine E. said...

What does the message say?

KAYLEE said...

its wants some password.

Christine E. said...

Go to my contact page--it has my e-mail address--send me an e-mail--and I will send you a new password..:-)

KAYLEE said...


Christine E. said...

Sorry, Ted, did not mean to hijack your comments page...:-)

How did the mountain dew bong go? LOL

2 minutes!

Ted D said...

No worries Christine: hijack away.

Mt Dew bong worked like a charm!

Game On!

Christine E. said...

Oh, my stomach hurts just thining about a bendy straw and a 2 liter bottle of MD.....LOL

I am more a Coke Classic kind of girl--but I can drink one at 1:00am and then go to sleep..

Does that make me a caffeine addict? LOL

How are you doing with the cutting down of the caffeine Kaylee?

A walk for Youk!!! Whoo Hoo!

Go Sox!

Ted D said...

The walk? Good.

The ball off his dome from Mathis?

Not so good.

KAYLEE said...

//How are you doing with the cutting down of the caffeine Kaylee?//

Better just not the other night:)

scott h said...

Jr, Garrison and I want to set up a conference call with Rakes, get the low down on the beach trip. Give him the heads up on a couple new tricks we learned to drive his old crazy (er).

ITs reaching trip digets here this week. Comong out of the pool only to take showers.

Ted D said...

Triple digits?


We were 96 today, 98 tomorrow, and 101 Wednesday, according to the weather man. Of course, he's a failed newscaster, so what does he know?

Rakes and Garrison on a conference call: the mind boggles.

Stacy said...

I acutally went to and found the score. Sorry, Bud. It's a bummer to stay up that late and then lose.

I still say our family is not crazy; one of a kind, but not crazy. :)

edgeofdesign said...

Ted, my husband said to tell you "Look out Sox Fans! The Jays on their way to the top!" Deal with it!!!!!! We always have room for more fans!"

KAYLEE said...

Ted, my husband said to tell you "Look out Sox Fans! The Jays on their way to the top!" Deal with it!!!!!! We always have room for more fans!"


Tell your husband that the JAYS got no Chance:)

Stacy said...

Ted asked me to get on and let everyone know that he is without internet until tomorrow. ::gasp::

Hopefully he will not be too grouchy tonight. :)

Tex said...

WHAT???? What will WE do?? What will TED do?? What will SG do?? Stacy Tell Ted all that 'alone time' can be put to use tonight...he can get to bed on time?? Ask him if he's trying to type out everything he says to Angie.

OMP he wont be able to BLOG??? Send him PV's for me Stacy and tell him his adopted sis will miss reading Rakes and Trots antics :)
Ill pass the word to the SG crew that Ted screwed up his computer ;)

scott h said...

I told him not to drink and blog

Tex said...

and he listens to YOU??

scott h said...

Only when he breaks things or is in trouble.