Monday, August 20, 2007

It's a start

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Gotta love Mike Lowell representing the rest of the prematurely gray men in the world, of which I'm a proud member.

For a guy who was considered a throw-in for the Red Sox to get Josh Beckett, he's done such a good job in his 1 plus years in Boston that it gets harder and harder to remember him NOT wearing the Sox uniform.

All he did tonight vs. the Devil Rays was hit a 2 run double, a solo home run, and a walk: for the year he's got 17 dingers and 85 RBI's. Not bad for a guy many thought was done 2 years ago.

Theo needs to sign him to an extension ASAP, because the longer they play, the more he's gonna be worth next year. And I, for one, don't want to imagine the hot corner at Fenway being manned by anyone other than Senor Doubles.

I was more than a little worried about Kevin Cash having to catch Wake and the knuckleball tonight: with Dougie out with his calf muscle strain (btw: who knew Dougie even HAD a calf muscle?) I had a bad feeling about tonight. And while he looked about as comfortable as a nun at a porno convention back there, Cash did what he had to do, and Wake got the win.

15-10 for the year: Timmeh Wakefield is tied for the league lead in wins. That has GOT to be a good omen if I've ever seen one. Getting a win on the first night of a 10 game road trip, that ends with the Yankees at the Toilet, starts the roadie off on a positive note.

Here's to a 3 game sweep of the Devil Rays before heading to Chicago to face the White Sox. As bad as a Devil Rays broadcast is, I may need some pharmaceutical help to make it through the weekend.

5 words for you: Ken Harrellson and Darrin Jackson.

My stomach just churned thinking about it.


C-Kayak said...

Good 'ol Lowell & Kudos to Cash!

What did you think of the rat?- Again, yikes!

Ted D said...

Carol, Mikey and Cash came through like champs.

Unfortunately, I had the Devil Ray broadcast: listening to someone read the telephone book would have been more exciting.

Heard about the rat though: sounds like DO was freaking just a bit!

Hate I missed it.

C-Kayak said...

Be careful what you wish for TD :D

Ted D said...

Yeah, I know. The White Sox games are 3 days away. I'll be BEGGING for the Devil Ray guys by then.

And thank you for Ciera's present: she was THRILLED.

KAYLEE said...


Stacy said...

Told you Mikey was the man. :) Theo better sign him pronto; he's too good to let get away.

BTW, Brian McCann hit a grand slam last night against the reds and then Texiera (sp?) had a 3 run homer. Jared was so excited. Unlike the Sox, he can actually SEE Braves' games. :)

scott h said...

Are the Sox playing in the minor's all week?

Ted D said...

2 more in Tampa and then 4 in Chicago: here's to a 10 game lead when we meet the Yankees next week.

Where have you been hiding? I'm guessing you're getting amped up for the Fall Pumpkin Spectacular.

scott h said...

Thats a few more weeks away. Plan on opening around sept. 15 or so.
Out in the pool last night big basket ball game.

How are you hanging?

Ted D said...

Wore out. This heat is about to get to me. Were you beating up on all the neighborhood kids again, like back in the day with corn nut and myself?

beckperson said...

Please send your heat northward! I'm freezing my %^%^* off! Seriously, I have a fleece sweater on! It's August, isn't it????

Ted D said...

becks, I'd gladly change places with you! Sorry about the fleece and all, but I started sweating just walking into the garage.

LOVE the fall and winter, not a big fan of summer.

beckperson said...

We truly need to swap. I much prefer warmth. :)

Ted D said...

Gladly becks, gladly.

Tex said...

if wqe're swappping heat. ill gtake your cold and give ary0ur twice tha ehat i hagve

i Hatewte august intexas

Ted D said...

What Tex said.

Tex, did you find that free mariachi band again? ;)

scott h said...

No Ted I have stepped up to college kids now. Ok , one of your niece's was late for class this week. Threw on a pair of jeans and left. She calls her mom later in a mix between screaming and laughing because as she is setting in class catching her breathe a pair of panties falls out of the leg of her jeans! Please send Rakes to my house for a while I can take it