Thursday, August 16, 2007

Teacher and Student

After all my hand wringing over Rakes and his antics, you'd think I would have been prepared for this.

However, Trot has exceeded myself and his mother's expectations when it comes to being ornery.

As you can see from the picture, Rakes, in the background, is intent on achieving Jedi Master status, while Trot is seemingly content with showing his Dad his belly.

The past week has witnessed the following: Trot, led by Rakes, belly flopping off the bed, falling off the bar where we eat, climbing on the kitchen table, and treating Angie's sewing room like his own personal jungle gym.

If the last 2 weeks is not an example of Karma, I don't know what is: and I have no clue how my Mom kept from strangling me as a child. If possible, this child will surpass his brother as "first choice to send Dad to an early grave" by Christmas this year.

I have no idea how Ang gets ANYTHING done during the day: you can't turn your head for a SECOND with this kid and not find him in a situation where you ask yourself if a visit to the local emergency room is not in your near future.

At the end of the day, I'm spent: and after about a 15 minute cool down period, I find myself laughing my tail off at the things he does. I'll never be able to figure out the difference between men and women: however, having 2 boys does give me a perspective that not everyone gets to experience.

As for my future daughter-in-laws? I'm sorry.

I did the best that I could.


Anonymous said...

I'm hoping that you or your buddies here can help me. I am having trouble when it comes to editing my posts. Briefly, I will edit a post and then publish it. When I go to view it, the changes aren't there. I edit again. Then the previous changes are there. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Oh and I think Rakes is trying to be Bibleman! Trot is such a cutie though. Wait till Ciera informs you about her field trip today.

Ted D said...


I am illiterated when it comes to this mess: go to blogger help and see if you can find out something there. They usually can help me figure out what is going on.

Tex, if you read this, any suggestions?

Stacy said...

First of all, I don't think "illerated" is an actual word. :)

Trot is definitely going to surpass Rakes in the "let's give Dad and Mom heart palpitations" category. I believe our Mother warned you of this a few months ago. He is, however, extremely cute, and could probably make a good living as a Hollywood stunt man.

Ted D said...


I am illiterated for typing illiterated.

Sorry Denise.


Tex said...

well you could send them to Tex's School of Behaving in Texas where I could plant more mischievious ideas into their heads on how to drive their dad to an early grave...but I don't want to be charged as being an accomplice.

You could plead to their sympathetic side...oh wait...they're male...they don't have a sympathetic side...

oh well Paybacks a B*tc* :)

Ted D said...


You're supposed to be my friend!

And you are supposed to HELP me, not cause me to expire any sooner than I'm supposed too!

Have a great day and THANKS!

Stacy said...

Oh, and I agree with you; I don't see how Ang gets one this done. The woman is supermom.

But they are awful cute. :)

Tex said...

OOOOOOoooooooooooooohh Im supposed to be SERIOUS??!! ok

you tried time out? or not laughing at them where they can see you?

C-Kayak said...

Game 2 underway!

FYI Denise - That same scenario has happened to me many times. It is aggravating. I don't think there's a solution per se, just that it means that Blogger is working very slow - and will take its sweet time catching up (ie edits). At least you know you're not going crazy :D