Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Ace

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After dominating for 8 2/3 innings, the Commander of the FU brigade was none too happy about not being able to get the complete game win, and he wasn't humble about his outing:

"I was mad at myself when I came out, but it's hard to find anything really wrong with that game," Beckett said. "They weren't exactly crushing the ball in the ninth inning, either. I'm very happy with the way I pitched."

Man, is watching this guy pitch a pleasure: after taking one in the marbles last night, Beckett came out and OWNED the Orioles today. Knowing you've got that guy who will be the stopper when you need to get a win is an awesome feeling, and Beckett didn't disappoint.

8 hits, 8 K's, 2 R, and 0 BB: and he got one out away from the complete game win. That is just flat out demoralizing if you were sitting in the other dugout, and he does it with style. Stomping around the mound, yelling and cursing to himself, and while he didn't show Tito up when he came out to get him, the look on his face in the picture is priceless. Sorry, I think it's OK that the ace of the staff is furious at himself for not being able to finish what he started: that's the type of mentality that'll win you a championship. Don't believe me? See Curt Schilling, circa 2001 and 2004: he's not sharing recipe's with Beckett when you see him bending his ear in the dugout.

Forget some of the bone headed moves Theo has made since becoming the GM: getting Beckett to agree to a 3 year, $30 million dollar extension last year looks like the biggest bargain since the Twins released Big Papi. The Red Sox have the only 15 game winner in MLB locked up for the rest of this year and '08/'09 at a bargain basement price for an elite pitcher.

Tomorrow brings Schilling vs. Steve Trachsel.

Me? I'm betting on Father Curt.


Stacy said...

That 9th inning was putting knots in my stomach, but Pap put the period at the end of a great game for Beckett. No wonder you have ulcers. Amazing that Beckett is still throwing in the high 90's when his pitch count is near 100.

Hey, he got win #15 and the Sox got a win, so it's all good in the end.

Tex said...

It Ain't Bragging if it's True. THAT should have been my Post Subject. it's a good ole Texan saying.

Beckett demands perfection of himself...when he knows he's bringing it. On days when he's sucking...he'll admit it. But on days when he is in Command of every ball thrown across the plate....he expects to finish. But Beckett has respect for Tito that is clear....he's not Petey who'll want to argue JUST to get his way. I think he could have handled the rest of the 9th inning batters....but it really doesnt matter what I think...thats for Tito to decide.

and I still don't see my new post unless i go to the editing section?

Ted D said...

Stacy, sorry to hear you are a little under the weather. Beckett was dominant yesterday.

Tex: did you know Beckett is from Texas? ;)

Wish I knew what to tell you on the post thing: you know me, technology frightens me! Hope you figure it out.

Tex said...

its fixed now finally

scott h said...

Oh me, pointing and bull fighting don't look so funny now. Unless you plan on being home for the holidays.

Time to bear down. The Soxs , not you Ted. You worry about your BP and hopefully they will take some BP.

beckperson said...

Keeping fair...keeping fair...keeping fair...keeping fair....

If I say it enough, maybe I'll even believe it.

What a birthday weekend. Bleh.

Ted D said...

Bub, pointing and bull fighting is ALWAYS funny: leaving 15 men on base and giving away 2 games is not.

You are right: time to bear down.

Becks, don't know if you caught Eckersley on the post game show: he made a good point about they will be playing with more intensity now that the lead is under 5 games.

All I know is I'm glad the Devil Rays are coming to town tomorrow.

Sorry for the birthday weekend losses.

And I'm Keeping the Fair with you.

beckperson said...

Ted, I had the TV muted when Gagne came in because he scares the ever-livin' "You know what" out of me. Soon as the homerun hit I turned the TV off altogether and followed on SG comments as I was too freaked out to watch. (I'm a chicken, I know.) Haven't had the TV on since, though I'm glad Eck gave comfort to you and Beth, and now I get some of it by osmosis.

A bunch of people said they wanted a race in the AL East. Now I guess we've got one. :mad still:

Good luck with Monday! Can't suck more than Sunday can it?? (Just kidding really)

Ted D said...


Just listening to a guy like Eck who's been through the wringer sort of gives you some perspective: the 'pen is the least of my worries. Guys just need to start getting runners IN: the lobsters are killing me.

The Devil Rays come to town tomorrow: Monday HAS to be better than Sunday!

Take care.

Tex said...

Gagne iS NOT the problem.........not getting RUNS is. Putting Gagne is when there is NOT enough runs may be A problem .... but LOBsters remain to be an issue. Fix that...and we're ok

Ted D said...

I concur Tex.

(Big word for me: impressed?)

scott h said...

Jr, after todays fun you could take every hour you have spent watching the Sox this summer and convert that into furniture sales.

Then you could, A. be totally depressed. B. Be extremely motivated. C. take all your clothes off and streak thru the store!.

Ted D said...

Scott, when I'm at my lowest moments, I can always count on you.

To come along and kick me square in the head.


scott h said...

You now have me picturing you as Charlie Brown. Go ahead kick the ball I promise I wont pull it away.

Ted D said...

You know, one of these days, karma will be paying you a visit.

You are a sick, sick man.

Corn Nut should be home by now: called me a while ago after he stopped off at the folks house.

He said he was wore out: priming the pump for tomorrow.

Tex said...

Ted did Angie buy you a big boy's dictionary?

scott h said...

No Tex. His folks have Reader Digest in the john. He stays in there for ever learning new words.

scott h said...

Ted I can hear him now. Hey Bro I think I will stay around the house and update some catalogs if you don't mind.

Ted D said...

Scottie's right Tex: I'll learn a few really obscure ones to impress you with in Baltimore.

Beside, the bathroom is the only place I can hide from the whirling dervishes.

Bub, you have him nailed, me thinks.

Tex said...

i have 3 letters


and I'm preparing a new post...i'm sure we won't pick the same ones me

Ted D said...

Tex, unless you had a camera in my house tonight, I'll agree with you: we WON'T have the same pictures!

Tex said...

I'm done and kaylee is good...she'll be back on sg by this coming week