Friday, August 31, 2007

Bad Week

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After a week of dealing with a school bus route that changes daily, Ciera in her first week of 4th grade, Rakes meeting his pre school teachers PLUS developing a heart murmur, and a Yankee sweep, I've just about reached my limit.

Tonight in Boston may have pushed me over the edge: down 9-3, the Sox came back to 9-8 in the bottom of the ninth, only to get punched in the jimmy by Tek's ground ball double play to end the game.

As much of a suck fest as that is, the fact the Yankee's lost sort of takes all the sting away: we started tonight 5 games up, and we end it the same way. THIS is what the people who follow baseball casually don't get: a 5 game lead is harder to overtake than getting the Shiite's and the Sunni's to reach a peace accord.

Papi's expression sort of sums up the entire Red Sox Nation's feelings: we aren't happy with the outcome of this game, yet tomorrow brings another day. Hopefully, it also brings a healthy Manny to help put a stop to this nonsense.

Tonight's M.A.S.H. total reads Manny, JD, and Dougie. This is NOT the time for the boys to start dropping like fly's.

Tomorrow brings the September call ups: welcome to the show Jacoby, Moss, and Bucholtz. We're gonna need you more than I ever thought possible.

Seems as if my worry free September was only a dream.

I wouldn't have it any other way.


Tex said...

This will definitely add to my already stressed filled life :(

CC said...

Perhaps your week might inspire you to play "Bad Day" - May the long weekend be much better than your week!

Ted D said...

Tex and Carol,

We're Red Sox fans: if it was easy, I don't know if we'd know how to act!

Keeping the fair though: 5 game lead and less than a month to go. Plus, the Baltimore trip is next week Tex!

Mattie said...

"THIS is what the people who follow baseball casually don't get: a 5 game lead is harder to overtake than getting the Shiite's and the Sunni's to reach a peace accord."

To whom are you referring, kind sir?

Tex said...

Can i just sleep through Sept? then wake me for the playoffs. Im not worried we won't be there...I just need my fingernails

Tex said...

hey Mattie
a word to the wise: When you come to Baltimore...and come to our Sat afternoon before the game meeting...I wouldnt be poking fun at us Red Sox fans too may not make it back :)

you can poke fun at me though...I'm the board clown.

Ted D said...

Mattie, believe it or not, I wasn't even thinking about you when I typed it: just people in general who don't understand a 5 game lead with less than 30 games to go is HARD to catch. It could ebb and flow from anywhere to 3 to 8 games between now and then.

But now that you mention it, you DO fit the bill!

Took Rakes to soccer practice, Ciera to cheerleading practice, and now we're off to the pool.

I need a nap.

And Tex, I'm right there with you on the fingernails: they're nubs right now.

Stacy said...

How did it go at soccer with "Doach Bendel"? Rakie is so cute showing me how he kicks. :)

Talked to Ciera today and it sounds like she really likes her class. Now if the bus can just get her home before dinner.

KAYLEE said...

I am with ya has been a tough week for me too:(

Ted D said...

Stacy, you just waking up? Figured you'd need a lot of sleep to make up for the first full work week!

Coach Wendell wasn't there, so "Coach Tony" and "Coach Ted" took over: it was interesting.

Good news though: since it's been so hot, they are putting off the first game until 9-15, not 9-8, which means I won't miss his first game next weekend while I'm in Baltimore.

CC said...

"We're Red Sox fans: if it was easy, I don't know if we'd know how to act!"

That's why, in an alternate universe, Yankees fans could never be Red Sox fans and vice versa!

Ciera - Give me a W (as in win :)

Ted D said...

Well put Carol.

I'm sure you and D had an excellent adventure today!

CC said...

Lots of exercise Ted - A long bike ride & nature walk!

BTW, did you have to mention Rakes doctor appointment to the soccer coach?- Hope everything is A-OK

KAYLEE said...

JEEZ CAROL I love walking if only I could go outside but theair aint good for me when I am already having trouble breatheing.

CC said...

That's too bad Kaylee. At least you're able to blog & watch Sox games!

KAYLEE said...

oh yes carol Id have to die before stop doing those things:)

Ted D said...

Carol, I told the coach what the doctor said, and since either his Mom or I will be at every game, we can keep an eye on him.

Just have to watch him I guess.

KAYLEE said...


CC said...

How did the week end for ya Ted? :)

Ted D said...

The week ended GREAT Carol!