Friday, August 10, 2007

Losing ugly is still no fun.

*Picture from the Boston Globe*

How do you lose a game when you are winning 5-1 going into the bottom of the 8th inning?

Daisuke went 7 innings, giving up one run, and in the top of the 8th, the Red Sox remember they have the best record in the game and score 5 runs. Game over and start the party, right?

Sadly, no. Eric Gagne and OKJ combine to gack up 4 runs and all of a sudden, it's the 9th inning and a tie game.

A Brian Roberts double, a Corey Patterson sacrifice bunt, and a Nick Markakis sac fly, and the O's have the win.

Gagne, OKJ, and JD Drew misplaying a single into a RBI all take equal responsibility for the loss. According to the Eck, it's only happened 4 other times this year, so I guess they were due.

However, that does not help my blood pressure or bleeding ulcer deal with the cold hard facts. I want wins when the lead is by 4 runs. I want Gagne and OKJ to give me a no-worries bridge to the Papelbot. And I want the Indians to remember they are an elite squad and crush the Yankees in their home park.

Sadly, you can't always get what you want. (That's for you, Carol. :) And as I head to bed, the Sox lead over the MFY's is now once again 5 games.

Here's to Beckett being the stopper tomorrow. Here's to the Yankees choking out quicker that one of Chuck Liddel's opponents.

Here's to a 6 game lead come tomorrow night.


scott h said...

Here's to, good thing football is just around the corner.

C-Canobie said...

Ted - Both your title and Stones reference are very true (unfortunately)! What a "curious" game last night. I hope the Sox don't continue to spoil your weekend and raise your BP. Off to pick up some acorns :)

Tex said...


Here's to the Commander of the F***ing Brigade.

GAGne needs to take some lessons from the "other" Texan

scott h said...

Im thinking the bullpen looked pretty good, but mr Dye with a B on his cap might have been a better move? HMMM

beckperson said...

I agree with Scott (believe it or not). I think the karma of the bullpen is just a wee bit thrown off by another closer out there.

::fingers crossed for better things to come::

scott h said...

Beckperson agree with little ol me?
Is this when I get a patch to sew on my shirt and I get to know the secret password?

So I had to check out your music taste since that is the real test. Van the Man ! I am speechless. But don't worry that only last a few seconds most times.

Ted D said...

Afternoon everyone: Spent all morning helping Ang clean and chase the whirling dervishes.

Carol, "curious" is a good word for it: have fun picking acorns, and if you see Mattie hanging from a tree, let us know!

Tex: Beckett stops this nonsense today: no question about it.

Becks, don't agree with him: his heads so big he can't fit throuhg the door as it is! As far as the Dye/Gagne thing, either way they couldn't have gone wrong, and WMP, who Dye would have replaced, is the one who got us back in the game last night.

I question what Tito was thinking last night, leaving Gagne in one batter too long, then having OKJ back out for the 9th: BOTH guys probably NA for today.

And Becks, he's right: he's usually speechless when he's sleeping! Becks is good people Bub: and no, you don't get to know the password!