Sunday, August 5, 2007

Mess with the bull, you get the horns

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After Manny hit his home run today and got back to the dugout, the NESN cameras caught some serious shenanigans going on with Manny, Lugo, and Wily Mo:There was Manny acting like his hands were horns, stomping his feet like some human version of Bocephus, with Lugo acting like his shadow doing the same thing.

Manny takes off and you see Pena waving a white towel like some deranged 6 ft 5 matador, only one with a pimpin' beard and some $50 sunglasses. Just when you think Manny can't get any goofier, stuff like this happen.

9-2 win today, and for the first time since '99, I believe, the Red Sox won a series at Seattle. The actual game was interesting, to say the least. It featured the following: Manny driving one out in the deepest part of the park, the aforementioned "Bull Fighters Gone Wild", Beckett striking out 9, and the Mariner Moose ran over Coco Crisp on some ATV.

Never have understood the concept of letting the idiot mascot's drive around on 4 wheelers while multi millionaire athlete's are running around. I bet Tito swallowed his plug when he saw that happen, which is probably why pitching coach John Farrell was the one screaming expletives at the stupid thing.

All in all, taking the series 2-1 against a team right in the thick of the race is a VERY nice way to start the road trip: tomorrow night features the return of Schill, and if he's anywhere close to how he looked in his rehab starts, this team is fixing to get a WHOLE lot tougher.

Finally, I was very glad the game came on in the afternoon. In addition to giving me a little break from the 10 p.m. starts, it also took my mind off the following:

Curtains and sheet rock torn from the wall, a gallon of milk busting on the hardwood floor, and a Rakes melt down that reached previously unknown levels.

I. Am. Spent.

And they've only been home one day.


KAYLEE said...

Didnt see the game til the bottom of the 8th:)

Mattie said...

Sheet rock off the walls? Bro, do we need to call in a prescription of valium for you? I'm a tad worried.

Ted D said...

Nah: I'm a'right. I heard you had quite the trip today: glad you made it safe.

So, hug any bushes yet? And remember, don't wipe with the poison oak. Not good.

Watching Glavine about to get win #300: good stuff.

Tex said...

i hate missing games

Ted D said...

Tex, you missed an all time classic, with Manny and the "Running of the Bulls".

When do you head home?

KAYLEE said...

did he win it? I would watch if my cousins werent tv hoggers.

Tex said...

in morning...stopping in houston for a short visit with a college friend who was around alot when josh was little. Dang proud of my 'other josh' today. fell down on posting this week...too much to do...but just did

Ted D said...

I'll check in before I head to bed: Billy Wagner in for the ninth with the Met's leading 8-3: guess he REALLY wants Glavine to get 300 tonight!

Travel safe, Tex.

edgeofdesign said...

I don't mean to laugh at your pain and yet I'm very curious as to what happened with the curtains and the sheet rock. I'll give Angie a few more days to settle back and give her a call. Can't wait to hear that story behind that one.

Stacy said...

I cannot WAIT to get the play by play on the sheet rock/curtain fiasco. And Rakes probably had a melt down because he'd been gone all week and everything was different (tell him his Aunt Stacy is taking up for him.) Seriously, it may just be readjustment to home and routine, etc.

Hope Tommy won his 300th. Still wish he was a Brave, but he's a good guy.

Sorry I missed Manny the Matador. I'm sure you'll dig me up some NESN footage somewhere. :)

Tex said...

Rakes was getting his good ole dad up to speed on his antics. Dont let Ted fool ya...he missed those near heart attacks :)

gojohn said...

Nothing like a homecoming huh Ted? Mine were gone all weekend too, with the in-laws and the kids were all wound up when they got back.

Missed Manny's bull impersonation, thanks for that laugh!

Ted D said...

Denise, it's all right to laugh: better that than crying!

Stacy, tonight was a little bit better, and you and Tex are both probably right: it's a little bit of both.

John, it was classic Manny: place won't be the same without him.