Thursday, August 2, 2007

Where there's a will, there's a way.

*Picture from the Boston Globe*

Gagne looks good in a Red Sox uniform, eh?

After taking it on the chin Tuesday night, the Sox rallied for back to back wins and took the series today winning 7-4. After being THE big story of the trade deadline, Eric Gagne made his debut as a Red Sox today, pitching a scoreless ninth, striking out 2. And while it's a bit disconcerting to hear a grown man say "dey" instead of "they", it's good to have the big man on board.

Went today to draw up a will for Angie and I: my children will inherit $1.75 cents and a completely worthless collection of Sports Illustrated going back 15 years. The biggest reason we needed to do this was to make sure who my ruffians would torture until they graduate high school should something happen to their parents.

We actually had a will drawn up about 9 years ago, shortly before Ciera was born. However, just like my youthful good looks, muscle tone, and savings account, it was lost a while back. So with the Grim Reaper knocking on our door at the ripe old age of 37, the wife and I decided we needed to update the thing.

Actually, our church brought in a company who would prepare a will for us at a very reasonable fee: of course, anyone with any real wealth would use a lawyer to make sure their substantial estate was managed properly upon their death. Unless you count a collection of Red Sox McFarlane figures and a mortgage as substantial, we don't qualify.

As I looked at what my children would inherit should their Mother and I ever pass away, I was struck by one thing: I've lived 37 years on this rock, and I don't have an awful lot to show for it. No big stock portfolio, no planes, and no investment properties. If something happened to us, they'd have a couple of life insurance policies, 2 retirement accounts, and a 2 year old house to count on.

On the flip side, they would have the memories of a Mom and Dad who loved them more than anything, more pictures than they could ever put in an album, and memories of laughter and smiles and a whole lot of hugs, kisses, and "I Love You". You wanna know something? I'd rather leave them with that than all the money in the world.

So, thanks to Scotty and Sonya for agreeing to take care of my babies should something ever happen: I know they'll be in good hands. And here's to that scenario never occurring.

Bub: if it ever does, you gotta promise me two things.

You'll get the Extra Innings package as a reminder of your favorite brother in law.

And you'll buy a REAL hat: blue with a red B.


Tex said...

I think the French Canadian looks mighty FINE in Red...and he can say hey whey say or fey for they for all I care...its how hard and fast he brings it what counts.

I cant wait to hear him speak...i just love those accents :)

Ted D said...

Tex, it's a trip to hear him talk: he sounds like he ought to be playing goalie for the Montreal Canadians.

Of course, this will please Corn Muffin to no end.

Tex said...

new post for me too...of course a very different take as usual for me but Also about Gahn Yay :)

Ted D said...

I went Tex.

And you will NEVER live that video down!

Tex said...

that video is NOT about ME silly...its about those other 2 girls!

Ted D said...


YOU MADE ME SPILL MAH BEER! will live on in infamy!

YOU are the true star of that video: you just have to admit it.

Tex said...

ok the funny thing really is....i have NOT seen the entire computer keeps freezing up after my laughing hyena laugh. Seriously...i have NOT heard my comment at all.

Ted D said...

It's all good Tex.

You represent yourself really well.

It just struck me funny how you chewed the youngsters out for spilling your drink!

Tex said...

oh my computer finally worked...and i just saw myself..good was all in good fun. I wasnt really mad....i cant get mad at those two anyway

Ted D said...

Tex, never thought you were really mad: just thought it was really funny!

I told Stacy this morning that I was in BIG trouble when I get to Baltimore!

Seriously, you came off really well: you know I have to pick on you!

And with that, I'm off to bed.

KAYLEE said...

I need sllep for the late game tomorrow and saaturday:)

edgeofdesign said...

Sorry I didn't leave my name the other day. It's me, Denise, Angie's Canadian friend. Ciera and my dd (I prefer not to use her name on the internet) are friends too! Oh and did someone mention, the Habs? Fine hockey team at that! Someone has good taste in teams me thinks!

Ted D said...

Hey Denise: I called Ang yesterday and she helped me figure it out!

Appreciate you stopping by: you've got a nice blog as well. I took a quick look at it the other day, and I'll try to comment when I get home today.

Off to the salt mines: tgif.

Tex said...

wait didnt tell me ya had friends from Texas ;)

Ted D said...

Sorry Tex:

Tex, this is Denise: Denise is from Canada.

Denise, this is Tex: she's from Texas AND Canada.

Don't ask: it's a long story! ;)

Mattie said...

Denise, don't let my brother fool you. He knows nothing about hockey. In fact, other than the Hurricanes, the Canadiens were probably the only team he knows.

And bro, Gagne could never play goal...too fat. Well, he could have played back in the day, but not now. He's more the goon they send out late in a game to send a message.

Hey, isn't that what he's doing for the Sox?

scott h said...

Now that I have some pressure on me Jr.Would you please buckle your seatbelt and lay off of the fatback for a while!
Garrison and I went to the Blues Clues website.They don't have any blue hats with BIG red B's on them?

gojohn said...

Making out your will really makes you look back on your life. Don't feel bad, my kids won't inherit very much either, except maybe some debt.

Tex said...

uhmm Ted...perhaps you should put ME in charge of purchasing the Red Sox gear for your kids...that DOES come with a unlimited credit card that Scott pays for right? :)

Ted D said...

Mattie, all I know is that there is hockey being played in those hockey heavy hotbeads of Arizona, Florida, and Georgia. They need to move 'em all back to Canada where people will watch. Speaking of, did you see ESPN is negotiating to show it again?

Tex, it's not MY kid's you need to worry about: they are decked out appropriately. Bub's are the ones you have to watch.

John, it's a little humbling isn't it? Jeesh: I thought I was doing pretty well!

KAYLEE said...

//all I know is that there is hockey being played in those hockey heavy hotbeads of Arizona, Florida, and Georgia.//


Stacy said...

Ted, I'm with Scottie; cutting back on the fatback wouldn't be a bad idea under ANY circumstances.

Enjoy your last night of quiet. It's back to mayhem and madness tomorrow. :)

Ted D said...

Stacy, I missed that somehow earlier: what is he talking about? I know the fatback thing, but what does buckle your seatbelt mean?

I think the old fella may be getting senile.

scott h said...

BUCKLE YOUR SEATBELT means I am in no hurry to add 3 mouths to my household.