Monday, August 13, 2007

The Old Man and the Knuckleball

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Big Papi doing push ups at home plate was the picture I was hoping to use, but sadly, couldn't find one in time and I NEED to get some sleep.

After the ball busting weekend in Baltimore, getting a 3-0 win tonight was a welcome sight.

Timmeh pitched 8 innings of 2 hit ball, taking a no hitter into the 7th inning before giving up his first hit. Papelbon came in and took care of his business, striking out the first 2 batters he faced, walked a batter, then got the final out.

Meanwhile, down in the Bronx, Rivera blew the save, but the O's 'pen lived up to it's reputation and the MFY's won again. Bottom line? The Sox TCB and it doesn't matter what the Yankees do: the division is in their hands, and to paraphrase Mr. Schilling, you can't ask for much more than that.

Tomorrow night, Jon Lester makes his return to Fenway for the first time in over a year: here's to a 7 inning domination of the Devil Rays for the kid. 4-1 lifetime at Fenway for Lester sounds pretty good to me.

On the home front, I took Rakes to his first soccer meeting tonight: just basic stuff like when and where they will practice/play, what to buy, etc...

I'm looking forward to his in game debut: let's just hope he keeps all his clothing on and can figure out which goal to kick toward.

Photographic evidence of the next Pele will come Saturday after his first practice.

I hope his coach has a cup: I've got a feeling he'll need it.


scott h said...

This is for the Dad not the kid. They don't keep score in kid soccer.

so help me if you get kicked out of kid soccer game for yelling at the officals I will bring the Claw out for old times .

I had one more statement to make but I will show compassion and pass.

Ted D said...

Bub, funny you should say that. At the meeting tonight, the poobah in charge made us all repeat after him:

"We do not keep score, we do not keep score, we do not keep score"

3-5 year old, no score is kept: not until they are 6 does it count. Which is great news: all they do at this age is teach them the fundamentals, how to listen to a coach, and have fun.

ONLY with the Red Sox am I win obsessed. I think this will be good for the boy, though I know as much about soccer as I do about the theory of relativity.

Did I mention the Red Sox won tonight?

Tex said...

parents shouldnt be allowed at any little league games until they've attended "how to behave in public" training and signed off on a statement saying "I promise not to yell at the coach". :)

scott h said...

You know you are on your own with this soccer thing. Any game where they encourage you to slide and fall down but you wear shorts and can't use your hands. I want no part of.

HorshamScouse said...

Seems sideline parents are the same the world over. My youngest asked to stop playing in his 9 year old team because of parents screaming from the touchline.

OTOH, at Rakes' age [Great use of apostrophe - Ed.] it's all about fun and running around like a swarm of bees after the ball!

Scott, in the South London leagues Ben played in, parent suspensions were fairly common.

Stacy said...

I find myself wanting to (and sometimes actually yelling) at Jared to keep his head in the game, get ready, etc. His baseball games are way more stressful for me than him. He's all about playing and trying to win (he's 9). Restraint is the name of the game, and sometimes it's hard.

Ted D said...

Horsham, can I email you any of my questions about the game? I'm afraid I'm lost at the rules of this sport. Failed to mention that if you even talk about winning, etc.. they warn you once, and if you do it again, you are asked to leave.

I think I'll be laughing too hard to get to worked up about winning/losing: should be a lot of fun.

Horsham, I'm serious about the email: I know NOTHING about soccer.

C-Kayak said...

Ted - Hope Rakes will like soccer! I've never played, but practice a little each day with D on our grass. I'm grateful that she's now kicking the ball back to me instead of throwing it. Perhaps she'd rather be a pitcher like Wake :D

Mattie said...

Big bro, allow me to share some of my expertise regarding the game of soccer. As you'll recall, I once played said think I actually just ran around the field chasing the ball. I think the coaches instructions were along the lines of "Dalton, you go long." I'm still waiting for that pass.

scott h said...

After a few yrs of kids sports I am all for no parents attending. Then at the end of the season they send you a video of all your kids games ! Only other kids are allowed to attend.

scott h said...

One thing Ted. If the offical gives you a yellow card, its not an free pass to the next game.

HorshamScouse said...

No problem with the email idea, Ted. Converting America to the beautiful game one Dad at a time.:)

Ted D said...

Carol, he'll at least have the energy to keep up! I'm looking forward to the laughs.

Scottie, I don't think I'll do well with idiot's screaming at their kids, so your idea has merit.

What does a yellow card mean?

Thanks horsham: I'll definately be using your wisdom as I learn the game!

Mattie said...

So, what? Are you ignoring your little bro now?

Ted D said...

Sorry buddy, going by memory: the boys were in full on crazy mode when I got home.

Go Long, Dalton!

Mattie said...

Just checking. you know I have a fragile ego.

Ted D said...

Yeah, a regular George McFly you are.

Lester pitched his TAIL off tonight. 7 IP, 1 R.

Kazmir has just been a touch better. 1-0 D Rays in the 8th. Good news is the Yankees are losing 11-0 and the Tampa bullpen is alive and well.

We haven't had a good old fashioned walk off in a while.

Ted D said...

Uh Oh.

Bases loaded, 2 out, Timlin in to face Upton.

I'll now go into the fetal position until it's over.

Ted D said...

And Timlin STRIKES HIM OUT!!!!!

Tex said...

so I offer up a sacrifice if the boys will just shorten the gap....the freakin Yanks are even getting in on helping them by losing to the O's ... and what do they do?? nothing

Ted D said...

It sucks Tex, but there is one more inning left.

Keeping the Fair.