Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dave Roberts Appreciation Day

With the Red Sox and the Yankees engaged in yet another classic game (9-8 Red Sox, bottom of the 5th as I type this), I'm distracted, nervous, and have no idea what to post about tonight.

Earlier, I saw on a feature on great Sox/Yankee moments from the past, with the requisite shots of Ruth, Tek punching Arod, and Papi.

For me? Dave Freaking Roberts.

'Nuff said.

Now, as Julian has loaded the bases and the game is tied, still in the bottom of the 5th?

I'll be behind the sofa if you need me.

*UPDATE* It's now 11-9, Yankees. My ulcer? It's bleeding.

*Update #2: It's over. Yankers win 15-9. Yes, 15-9. Apparently Rudi Stein from the Bad News Bears wasn't available to make it worse. How do two of the best teams in the game have a 15-9 game? Beckett tomorrow; 10 to 1 he plunks somebody.


Tex said...

its just one game. its only april. its early in the season.

but nonetheless. FTMFY

Tree Newt said...

It's my fault. It was 3-3 when I turned it on, and then it got ugly. I turned it off when it was 11-9, hoping to reverse the boys' fortunes, all to no avail.


Ted D said...

Newt, it was the fact that nobody could actually pitch last night. There is no way those 2 teams should ever have a 15-9 game. Ridiculous.

Tex, the Commander will right the ship tonight, and I can pretty much guarantee the score won't be like last nights.

Edge of Design said...

I tagged you on my blog! Check it out!

~**Dawn**~ said...

That was some horrifically sloppy pitching. Although Clay is at leasta rookie. I don't know *what* that was with Wang. And shall we talk about Julio throwing what should have been a double play ball into the stands so two runs score instead?? ARG.

I'm worried about Youk. That was certainly no act last night. We can't keep losing infielders.

Tex said...

7pm cant get here quick enough

Ted D said...

Edge, just got in and heading out to soccer; I'll try and get on after the Sox game tonight.

Dawn, that was embarrassing, for both teams. And you could tell Youk was hurt; hopefully it's not a long term thing. When is Lowell due back?

I agree, Tex. It's gonna be nice to get the bad taste of last night out with Beckett on the hill.