Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's Good To See The Large Father Smile

The Red Sox dropped two games in a row to the Angels, the second coming today in a 7-5 loss.

Meh. Justin Masterson, fresh from Double AA Portland went 6 innings, gave up two hits, one run, four walks, and four strikeouts. It's not his fault the bullpen went down in flames like somebody poured gasoline on them. Lopez and MDC were the prime culprits, and from descriptions I've read, Lil' Manny may have that plague the rest of the team has been fighting.

Down 7-3, Papi made it interesting by hitting his 4th HR of the year into the Angel bullpen in the 9th. For a guy hitting .189, the four dingers and the 20 RBI's are pretty freaking impressive. So they head to Tampa sitting in first place with a 15-9 record; considering I was praying for a .500 April, I'm thinking they'll be just fine.

In addition to Trot and his various ailments, Rakes is allergic to SOMETHING in our yard; I thought it was the stupid cats at the animal shelter last week, but no. It's in our OWN YARD. Do you realize what this means? The kid with ADD who LIVES to go outside is going to have to stay indoors. With us. For the forseeable future.

Hold me.

No, Trot didn't clock him in both eyes with a sledge hammer; poor kid looks like he went 12 rounds with Floyd Mayweather. Whatever he's allergic to caused that, plus he has a cough that I can only imagine resembles what someone who has chain smoked non-filtered Kools for 50 years sounds like.

Between him and his allergies, Trot and the flesh eating disease, and Ciera seemingly hitting puberty at the advanced age of 9, I'm expecting the locust and the frogs any day now.

Tedapalooza is just 3 weeks away.

It can't get here soon enough.


Tree Newt said...

That poor little guy! Man, he looks worse than I used to after playing with Aunt Becky's cat Fluffy for a couple of hours! What in the world? Do they know what exactly he's allergic to?

Dude, if it wasn't so sad, I'd have to laugh. All this stuff that's going on with your brood, and you, Mr. OCD, having to deal with it.

You read Job lately?

Tex said...

ya know, you're getting your tailfeathers all in a knot..oh wait...that's a horse's tail he's eating huh? Ok this is did ya plant something new?? put new fertilizer down? or maybe there's this conspiracy cos they know Tedapalooza is so close :)

HorshamScouse said...

Rakes' anti-histamines might slow him down for a little while. (Trying desperately to find a positive.)

It never rains but it pours in Casa Dalton.

In twenty years or so, when they're six foot nineteen, 200 lbs and passed out drunk on your front lawn, you'll back on this time as your halcyon days:)

HorshamScouse said...

*you'll look back (as I didn't).

Edge of Design said...

I'm with Tex. It has to be a new pesticide or fertilizer. You've been in your yard for awhile now so it can't be a tree or plant.

Ted D said...


If it wasn't happening to me it'd be funny; poor lil' fella.

Tex, nothing new planted. They cut down a bunch of trees behind us, and Rakes and Ciera have been playing back there. I'm thinking it might be some weeds or something. His Play School called this morning and wanted to make sure he wasn't contagious. Believe it or not, it looks worse in person; I also think this is a conspiracy because Tedapalooza is so close. ;)

Horsham, it's always something. I swear, I keep looking for Alan Funt and the Candid Camera crew some days.

Edge, who knows what it is? He acts fine, other than being really grumpy late last night.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Poor Rakes. I spent a lot of my childhood like that this time of year. It kicked it when I was about 5 & lasted til I was in my mid teens. Something that bloomed this time of year kicked my butt. I spent a lot of the Spring in a haze, doped up on Benedryl. I would say maybe that would makes Rakes run at half-speed too, but your luck he's in the small minority that, instead of drowsiness, gets hyperactivity as a side effect. =P

Ted D said...

He's in the minority, Dawn. ;)

It hasn't slowed him down yet! It's just really weird it's just been in the past few weeks. When are your games? Are you going Sunday when Beckett is pitching?