Sunday, April 20, 2008

Just another game at Fenway

Two things jump out at me when I look at this picture; First, Dustin Pedroia has the head of a 65 year old man. Seriously, how can you be that young and have a hairline usually seen on retired CEO's?

Second is the expression on his face; nothing like a pinch hit triple to drive Big Papi in from first base (The big man needed an oxygen mask by the time he motored home) to give you a smile. The Mayor drew a bases loaded walk to put the Sox ahead, and then we were all on Papelbot time.

Final score? 6-5, Red Sox, with Wake getting his second win of the year. Angie and Ciera were at a baby shower for a woman from church, and Trot and Rakes both picked the bottom of the 8th inning to wake up from nap time.

So, like any good Dad, I ignored their requests for juice and snacks, grabbed them both up and plopped all three of us in the chair to watch the last inning of the game. While Trot babbled on about Curious George and Rakes reenacted Pedie's headfirst slide into third REPEATEDLY, I watched the boys win their 8th come from behind game win this season.

Don't worry; they got the juice and snacks once it was over. I just figured they could eat anytime; it's never too early to introduce them to Red Sox Nation.


~**Dawn**~ said...

Way to go, teaching those boys about priorities. ;-) Sox now, snacks later.

You know what pops into my mind looking at that photo? Do they keep a step stool handy for Pedroia to hop onto for Papi bear hugs or do they just make Papi stand in the dugout while Pedroia stands on the top step?

Tex said...

im so tard right now. the game was blacked out for some reason here for me. we went to the bar but it was blacked out. kept checking it on my phone...i celebrated our win with a cupcake

HorshamScouse said...

What Dawn said, get used to it kids.

I half-followed the game on MLB.TV having woken up around 5:30 a.m. Yet another late-inning come-from-behind win. Oh for a run-away-and-hide 7-0 lead by the bottom of the second, classless beatdown.:)

Tomorrow's 11 a.m. start is, Pod help me, 3 a.m here. Should I stay up or go to bed early and get up halfway through>

Anonymous said...

I know what I'm about to say and I am of sound mind. Anytime you want to send the boys over to play, is fine with me. I had such a blast with them yesterday. Now, about Buster! I'm on their side on this one! I'd say go for it! You'll be so glad you did. Buster will be one of the family in a very short time and you'll all be glad you rescued him.

Tree Newt said...

Hey man, I'm with Edge! You NEED a dog! Oh, it would calm your nerves so much!!! I've even got a crate you could borrow to keep Buster/Beckett in the house.

Of course, the crate comes fully loaded with a 90 lbs. Golden named Rusty, but that's just so Buster/Beckett will have a playmate.

Ted D said...

Dawn, I figured they had to learn a life lesson early! Sox First, always! And I'm pretty sure they make Papi stand in the dugout. ;)

Tex, I noticed I only had the NESN feed yesterday; must have been a rodeo somewhere that FSN was covering. ;) Great win, though.

Horsham, I'm hoping you slept in; I'm working, so it's the XM radio for me. Here's to hoping for the 4 game sweep.

Edge, they had a blast too! And we'd love to have you watch them some Sunday afternoon! I'm afraid you'll move again though if you have to keep them; My Dad came over last night and 45 minutes was all he could take.

Mattie, I'm NOT taking Rusty; no matter how hard you try to convince me; that thing is a health hazzard.

Tex said...

no i mean the MLBXtra inning package at the bar was not showing it. it does that sometimes here

Stacy said...

I'm with you little brother; how does a 24 year old man have so little hair? :)

We've been watching Braves' games since we so seldom get to see the Sox. Glad they're on a winning streak.

Red Sox wins = happy Teddy :)

Ted D said...

Sorry, Tex. It was early and all that. Austinpalooza is this weekend, right?

Stacy, it's hilarious; he needs to do one of those hair club for men commercials.

//Red Sox wins = happy Teddy :)//

Yes it does. ;)