Sunday, April 13, 2008

You'd think they were watching the Moon landing.

For the first time in weeks, the weather was nice enough to take the Stooges outside to play today. With the mind numbing experience known as the Furniture Market behind me, I was able to take the kids outside and have a catch today.

Ciera is playing softball this year, Rakes is playing T-Ball, and Trot is playing terrorize the neighbor's dogs, so a good time was had by all. This picture was taken after we came inside after 2 hours, and they were all good and worn out.

What on the television captured all three of their attention enough to cause them to look like wax statues? A baseball game? Or maybe a Sponge Bob marathon? Nope: Return of the Jedi. Rakes was in HEAVEN.

"Dad, what is dat dudes name with the cape?"

Me: "Lando Calrission".

"Oh, Bando Talerission. Me dove him, Dad. He's tunny".

I failed to mention he was fashioning a belt to hold a plastic bat (his lightsaber) and a gun ( laser blaster) while we had this conversation.

May the Force be with me.


Tree Newt said...

I love it! Rakes is a mix of you (sports), me (Star Wars), and Jim Carey (jokester)! He's classic!

Ted D said...

He's one of a kind for sure, little brother.

Tex said...

???????? onlys cos im cant teype

Redbeard76 said...

Sorry if I'm a little slow in following but all done with Furniture Market? Did you quit or get laid off?

2 out of 3 from the Yankers, yeeeehhhaaawww! We could have had all 3 if Wang didn't pitch his head off.

Hopefully we'll have a better week this week in fantasy this week. There we are 11th and 12th, down in the cellar.

Ted D said...

Long night, eh Tex? ;)

Stephen, it's just our bi-annual trade show and it ended; no quitting or getting laid off. GREAT weekend in the Yankee series, and we'll pick up in the Fantasy League.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I think in all the time that I have been reading your blog, that is the first photo in which all three are totally motionless.

And I almost choked on my drink of water when I saw your current profile photo just now.

Ted D said...

It doesn't happen often, Dawn. So when it does I've got to document it!

I love that picture; I can't remember where I found it. The Globe, maybe?

Rooster said...


Great photo. I love getting my kids into classic movies like that. Very cool - feels like a ways to tie your lives to theirs.

I somehow got roped into being a softball coach for my daughter's team this year. Should be fun though - pass on the love for the game!

Speaking of classics - I borrowed one for my post today - The Grinch!

I didn't realize you were in NC. I have a daughter at Duke and a cousin in Matthews, and a brother-in-law in Summerfield!

Ted D said...


I couldn't believe they all sat still for it, especially Trot. Pretty cool, though.

I'm the assistant coach for Rakes soccer team and a bunch of us Dads are helping out with Ciera's softball team, so it's good to bond with them.

Right in the central part of NC, man. If you ever get down to visit your daughter or the others, drop me a line and we can grab some lunch somewhere.

Rooster said...

I definitely will. I need to find the time, and a cheap flight. I hear there are some cheap one's from Manchester, NH.

Ted D said...

Used to be on Skybus!

If Southwest flies out of there, you'll be good.