Wednesday, April 9, 2008

From the mouth of Rakes

Rakes, at 9:06 tonight.

"Look, Dad! Dat Toto Trispy!"

With the score 7-2 Tigers, headed to the bottom of the ninth as I type?

I'll take a laugh wherever I can find it.

*Youk just popped up to end the game. The Red Sox are 4-5; time to panic.*

It's April the 9th; would all the ledge jumpers please move to the back of the line?

Remember people; it's a marathon, not a sprint. And as soon as market is over, I'll have a dispatch from Miss Hathaway, or at least something a TAD creative. Until then, this is the best I've got.

And yes, I realize it's not much.


Tex said...

I cannot go to the bar every time they play so they can win. The team is gonna have to get their stuff together. its only April...but every game does count.

but hey at least Nancy made me laugh tonight

Ted D said...

Tex, they'll get it together. It just may be next month before it happens. I'm telling you, this Japan nonsense takes it's toll. It did on the Yankees and Rays when they did it in '04; Yankers were under .500 I believe for the first month.

Nancy always makes me laugh; what'd she do last night?

Beth said...

My mantra last year was "It's Only April" - but for a different reason. We were leading! So, I'll follow tradition and keep saying that!

Ted D said...

I like it, Beth!

On a positive note, the Yankees lost to the Royals.


Redbeard76 said...

Never even thought about the ledge, but thanks Ted. But how is it that Baltimore is top of the division? Weird.

Tex said...

ted just read nancy and my exchange towards the end of the game talking about my choice of men..or boys as she'd say

Ted D said...

Stephen, it's like some bizarro world, right? Then you look at the bottom and see Tampa Bay. So somethings are normal.

Tex, I went back and found it; she is too much.

~**Dawn**~ said...

We have to let Baltimore have it's turn up there. Not like it's going to happen again this season. ;-)

Wins... losses... whatever. I'm just worried about my Lowell. ::whimper::

Stacy said...

Personally, I think "toto trispy" is pretty darn funny. :)

Ted D said...

Dawn, he grimaced right off the bat. I heard xrays were negative and he's day to day. Then again, aren't we all.

Stacy, how's the gallbladder treating you?

~**Dawn**~ said...

Yeah, I heard & saw. Watched the game from start to finish. But from the moment Sean Casey stepped up to pinch hit, half my brain was trained to waiting on news about Lowell. And every time they showed that replay, I cringed.

Ted D said...

It looked painful on the replay. Hopefully he'll be back in a few days.

Casey at the plate is fine, but I don't like Youk not being at first.

Rooster said...

Hey Ted!

Casey is fine, but, like I discussed at my site, he got inserted in a spot that made the lineup vulnerable to a lefty reliever - and Jim Leyland did a great job of taking advantage of that - tough to get one by the craft old guy. Still waiting for Tito to be successfully crafty this year. Still waiting for Papi to hit!

Lowell said somethign like he felt his hand separate when it happened. Ouch - probably sublexed something (it is a temporary dislocation that pops right back in - used to do it to my shoulder all the time.

Ted D said...

Hey, Rooster. I thought the same thing last night; Leyland doesn't miss much.

For Dawn's sake, I hope Lowell comes back soon; poor girl is all tore up. ;)