Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm not ready for this yet.

Remember that little Don Juan who asked Ciera to be his Valentine back in February? Well, the future little thorn in my side has stepped it up a notch.

Seems as if he went and bought MY baby girl a diamond angel necklace (sorry for the quality: stinking thing is BRIGHT) for no apparent reason. Mind you, she doesn't even like the little booger eater in that way, but he's making my decision to buy a gun, a pit bull, and razor wire to surround the house easy for me.

Supposedly this thing cost $99 dollars; Mr. Romance showed her the receipt. What 9 year old boy has that kind of bank and buys a necklace for a girl instead of a new glove, a video game, or hits the arcade? I'll tell you what kind: one I've got my eye on from now on.

She still plays with Barbie Dolls and thinks I'm the best thing going; I don't need this little Lothario causing her to grow up any faster than she already is. What he doesn't realize is I've got Operation Annoyance in the wings; if this kid is still around in 5 or 6 years, I've got Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum in training to run off any boy stupid enough to cross the threshold that is my front door.

I've got a feeling Ciera isn't going to like me much from the ages of 16-21. It's all right; I've got a thick skin.

After that cluster mess last night (I'm not going to dignify it by calling it a baseball game) tonight has been much better. It's 7-3 Red Sox, bottom of the 5th, and up until this inning Beckett had been on cruise control. Which of course has turned the convicts in the stands at the toilet into maniacs until The Commander just got Slappy to pop up.

Bigger story has been Manny; 3 for 3 with TWO home runs and a single, which if you're keeping score at home has him at 495 for his career. He also pointed to the camera, then bear hugged the Munchkin while they were on the bench, for some reason.

Nothing beats Manny being Manny.

UPDATE: Beckett went 8 and the final score was 7-5, Red Sox. After Farnsworth buzzed Manny, Beckett just nodded. Somebody is getting drilled come July. PLEASE let it be Arod.


Tex said...

Beckett has guns on reserve. Awesome game tonight. Manny's 2 Homers WoooooooT. I called the 2nd one...REALLY. I was sitting watching and when he came up to bat I said outloud...he's gonna hit another homer. BOoooooooooyah.

I fall in love more and more with Beckett's and his air of confidence every time he pitches.

Edge of Design said...

Aw! She may not like you but she will always love you. Its sweet though. So are you going to let her keep the necklace or give it back?

Tree Newt said...

Dude, you know what that necklace was, right? It's a dowry! That kid is making his claim!

I'm with you: what kind of 9 year old has a Benjamin to blow? I need this kids name and number, because I want to work for him!

Glad the boys put a good one together, and I second your motion for Beckett to put one in Arod's ear.

Ted D said...

Tex, we're watching one of this generations best. It's fun to see.

Edge, yes, she's giving it back. In fact, she tried to yesterday but Romeo started crying and she felt bad for him.

Mattie, I'm keeping my eye on him. And it was a nice win for the boys; Beckett was dominant.

Cyn said...

Ted, in my house we called my dad "The Giant" (it was based on a Bill Cosby bit). He scared the hell out of my boyfriends the entire time I was in high school and all he did was greet them and then leave the room. He'd stay in his room (probably watching baseball) and our boyfriends were so intimidated that they'd flinch at any little noise or motion they didn't recognize. :)

And, I have to tell you, my sister and I adore him and even THEN got a big kick out of the intimidation factor.

Cyn said...

And, I suppose this is as good a place as any to leave this story. :)

I got the new Red Sox yearbook in the mail the other night and my 6 year-old niece Madison was flipping through it and freaked out when she saw the individual pages for each player. She then proceeded to BEG me to let her rip out two pages: Coco Crisp (he, along with Papi, is her favorite) and Daisuke Matsuzaka.

I understood Coco, but Daisuke?

Of course I told her no. Brand-new book, I'm not ruining it. She begins pouting. So I dig deeper and ask her why she wants the picture of Daisuke.

"To give it to Anthony. He LOVES Daisuke!"

So, I give in and let her cut them out. She tells me Coco is going on her mirror in her room.

The next night she tells me that "Anthony" loved the pic and when she told him she had one of Coco he told her he really liked Coco too.

So she's giving up her picture of a boy, just because she likes him.

She's younger than your Ciera, Ted. I shudder at what we have to look forward to.

Ted D said...

Cyn, like I told you in Baltimore last summer, I hope Ciera and I have the relationship you and your Dad have. I'm just not ready for boys and gifts and all that stuff. You've met me, so you know that intimidating may be a hard act for me to pull off!

But I'll figure out something, I'm sure. ;) Rakes and Trot are my aces in the hole.

Ted D said...

Cyn! Tell Madison NOOOOOOOOO! Don't give that little sucker anything! You know, Rakes is going to be 5 this year; we could work something out where we don't have to go through all that nonsense.

He's little, but loyal, and he loves the Red Sox. We have no money for a dowry, but I'm sure he and Madison would get along!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Beckett is no dummy. Why throw at someone after the warning has been issued? We play them enough times over the course of the season (and it's not like we won't use our ace against the EE) that his revenge can bide its time. In fact, I rather like the idea of it simmering. And it was kind of funny to see Satan's Minions flinch every time he pitched a little inside the remainder of the game. He is so in their heads. >=]
I am sorry to say that either YES did not cover that nod or I blinked & missed it. I would have enjoyed that tremendously.

As for the little gift giver? Tell him Ciera is spoken for. My little brother turns 10 in June. Perfect age match. We can arrange something for when they turn 30. And in the mean time, Heckle & Jeckle can run interference.

Ted D said...

Dawn, thankfully with DirecTV they offer both teams feed of the game, so you can pick. First time they've done it this year, but it's awesome. The NESN camera showed Beckett nodding. It was all kind of awesome.

I forgot your brother was Ciera's age; between him for Ciera and Madison for Rakes, all I've got to do is figure out who to con into taking Trot!

BTW, I like the view from first place. ;)

~**Dawn**~ said...

Don't you have a deal with Redbeard to line up Sierra for Trot? ;-)

Ted D said...

You're right, Dawn!

I'm done!

Krystle [RSO] said...

A $99 necklace? From a 9 year old for a 9 year old? Is that NOT saving allowance much? I don't know what I would do now if someone gave me a $99 necklace, probably die of shock!

Good for Beckett for NOT hitting A-Rod, we all knnow its going to happen sometime in the season, or we hope, but last night wasn't the night to do it. I say hit Damon, that guy is well - we ALL know

Christine E. said...

Eveving everyone:

Welcom back Ted! Hope you had a great time at your trade show (yeah, right)

I cannot believe this necklace cost $99--why are his parents allowing a 9 year old to buy jewelry for a girl??


Your boy Josh Hamilton is playing tonight..While I always root for him--hope he does not fare well in this series..:-)

Hope all is well!

Go Sox!

Ted D said...

Hi Krystle. Yeah, the little bugger needs to buy video games instead. And Beckett will take up for Manny somewhere down the road.

Hey Christine, yeah the trade show was a barrell of laughs. And not for nothing, I haven't ever bought my wife a $99 necklace. ;)

And I thought the same thing about Hamilton; I hope he has a great year, just not these next 4 games.