Friday, April 25, 2008

Free Baseball

The Red Sox and Rays are currently in the bottom of the 11th, tied at 4-4, with no outs and Carl Crawford at second.

I need a hug.

To top it all off, Ang is singing in a wedding tomorrow and the rehearsal was tonight at 6:30. At least in theory; it didn't end until 8:15, which means we didn't eat until 9:00 tonight.

Yes, I went.

And I firmly believe if I had been home watching the game, the Sox would have won it in 9 innings and my stomach wouldn't be churning right now. Yes, I'm THAT superstitious. Adding injury to insult, The Mayor blew a tire scoring a run and had to leave the game.

I blame myself.

Carl Crawford just scored from second; game over, Rays win 5-4.

I'll be in the kitchen, banging my head on the counter if you need me.

Love stinks.


Tex said...

3 weeks, you'll be in Fenway.

Ted D said...

Yes I will.

And so will you. :)

JMP said...

And tomorrow I'll be cheering the Sox in the Trop!!!

Ted D said...

Hey JMP,

I think Dawn's going too; maybe you two can meet up.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Games like that break your heart. They also break your eardrums when you're forced to listen to the only announcing duo that can rival Buck & McCarver in pain factor.

Ted D said...

Dawn, I lucked out this year; DirecTV gives you the option you want to watch. So far, except for the national games, all NESN.

But yeah, that kind of game is just deflating as a fan.

You see Beckett tomorrow, right?

Lucky. ;)

JMP said...

They gave out the stinkin cow bells tonight.... they will drive you crazy!!!!

Dawn...suprised you are not at the game tonight.

Ted: last nights game was an 11:30 pm head banging the wall ender... even missed BSG to watch the game!!!

Beckett 2morrow!!!
Did see him last year in the sad.....

Ted D said...

Whoever is responsible for those cowbells should be fired, JMP.

Have fun seeing Beckett, man!