Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Help Wanted


Patient, loving Babysitter to look after 1 tremendously sweet little girl and 2 well behaved, OK, they can eat with utensils, little boys.

Active, high energy, and apparently deaf, since they listen to NOTHING I say. They eat well, play well with others (If you consider bleeding a positive), and they do sleep. Eventually.

Positives include laughing your rear off, playing sports, and you're never bored.

Negatives? Pretty much anything you can imagine. Then imagine more.

How come Ward Cleaver never had days like this?


Tex said...

I dont know why you think they're deaf. its that selective hearing gene you passed down ;)

::raises hand for job::

just woke up and still hurting. heading to doc in morn

Edge of Design said...

Hey! I don't mind signing up for the Babysitting job. I'd love to have them. When?

Tree Newt said...

Ward lived in live in NC. BIG difference.

Ted D said...

Tex, here's to hoping everything is OK. If you get a chance, let me know if everything is OK?

Edge, anytime. Seriously.

Newt, the other difference? Rakes would KILL the Beaver. And Wally. And Eddie Haskell.

Tex said...

i like how ted totally ignored my selective hearing comment :)

Ted D said...

It's selective hearing, Tex. ;)

Feeling any better?

Redbeard76 said...

Very clever Ted. I particularly loved this line:

"Then imagine more."

Ted D said...

Morning Stephen.

It was one of those days yesterday; I imagine my ears were a nice fire engine red after putting Rakes back in the bed for the 3rd time last night.

Redbeard76 said...

Sierra's getting very brave with the climbing. She's up to descending the entire flight and a half staircase (one hand holding mine and the other holding the railing). She climbed the step stool so she could bounce on the top step, making her dad a little nervous.

Just wait till you see her next month (is it really that close?!) - and I may get out to the Fens at least for pre-game Tedapalooza activities even if i don't have a ticket.

Ted D said...

Sounds like your fun is just beginning; I was that way with my Ciera, then by the time Trot got here it was like, "Oh, they are fighting at the head of the stairs? What could happen?"

Looking forward to meeting her, you, and Jess. Three weeks from tomorrow I force myself on that plane. Hard to believe.

Redbeard76 said...

And what's the deal about the ladybugs? I don't quite get that - is there a long involved story with that?

Ted D said...

LOL. I'm a firm believer in the only good bug is a dead bug. Nancy, Becks, JET, and some other people told me they were good luck, so they let them live wherever they show up until they die.

Just sort of a running joke between some of us.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I would so babysit if it weren't for the commute time. ;-)