Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Win for Tomapalooza II

Because of the blessed event known as Furniture Market, I missed Manny launching one over the Monster, Beckett doing his best impression of Nolan Ryan, and thankfully, Papi continuing to struggle.

I did hear Manny's 2 run double while driving home, as anyone passing a gold colored Toyota Camry with the driver pumping his fist and screaming on I85 in central NC can attest. I thought I'd miss the last part of the game, as Ciera had her first softball practice tonight, and Dad wasn't about to miss it. Thankfully, for me, the game was delayed by rain and I got to see my little girl, in her Jacoby shirt, Sox cap, and pink and black cleats play a mean CF tonight.

When play finally resumed, the MFY's had 2 on, 2 out, and Slappy McBluelips at the plate. Enter the Papelbot.

3 pitches later, Pap was stomping toward the dugout, Arod was prancing toward 3rd base, and the game was headed to the ninth. After the boys went down in order, Joe Buck was practically salivating over who would pitch the 9th, since there was NO WAY Papelbon would come back out after warming up THREE WHOLE TIMES.

Sorry, Jr. Pap don't roll that way. Of COURSE he came back for the 9th; all he did was strike out Giambi and Posada, then get Cano to ground out to end the game. 'Cause Jonathon Papelbon ain't your ordinary closer; he's part cyborg, part lunatic, and part Jeff Foxworthy.

Whatever he's made of, I could care less. Bottom line is the Yankees sent the heart of the order up to face him, and he went through them like Grant took Richmond, with fires and heartache in his wake.

Hey Slappy?

Bite Pap's Tweeter.

BTW, Tomapalooza references frequent SG commentator Tom Miles' annual visit to Boston from England. Funny doesn't begin to describe Miles, and thankfully I had a chance to talk with him via Candaon's cell phone today. Honestly, I'm not really clear on what was said, but I do know Miles was happy to be in Boston, his little girl Daisy is well, and he apparently loves me.

Since he told me so 3 times.

Miles, I heard you too.


Tex said...

Beckett and Paps. Masters of the Mound. Both are intense in their own ways. Both have quirky personalities off the mound...but different. But Both Dominate Pitching.

and today They owned the Yankees.

Ted D said...

Yes they did, Tex. I just wish I could have seen the Commander in action.

I'm hoping for a back to back to back to back night again tomorrow night.

Tex said...

i may not get to watch the game cos Ill be in a conference meeting. Ill have my blackberry though.

beckperson said...

Ted, it sure was GREAT to talk to you today! It was like you and Tex were with us - but it was just a prelude to the craziness of mid-May....a practice run, if you will!

I heard these people. Heard them.

And you and Tex.


Tex said...

of course they heard us Ted. We're just another reason for them to gather and drink :)

Tree Newt said...

Ooooooohhhh!!! New features at the RSD just continue to abound!

All I know is: I'm glad we freaking beat the Yankees.

HorshamScouse said...

Buck Junior and that other person were so far up the Y*****s asses they could see tonsils.

I swung between enduring it, switching to Joe C and the other DO, 2 pitches behind, and mute. Most of the time mute won.

Good win today and Dice-K for the series win tomorrow.

Ted D said...

Becks, I feel the same way here. You were much more soft spoken than I imagined!!! Getting to talk with you and Miles just amped me up even more for next month; now, if I can finish up market today without ending up in jail I'll be good.

Tex, good point! Although when a guy from England, a guy from NC, and a woman from Texas actually get up to Boston, I'd say that's reason to palooza. ;)

Mattie, I'm a busy guy; gotta keep up and all that. Missed you this week at market; wasn't the same without me making fun of your clothes and stuff. GREAT win yesterday; woulda been tough to give that one up.

Horsham, sometimes I'm glad about market; yesterday was one of those days. Buck and McCarver just wear me out; the little bit I got to see was enough. Papelbon was a monster yesterday.

Edge of Design said...

I probably should have put this comment in yesterday's post but I just wanted to encourage you that you're real and that's all folks are really looking for. Real-ness! So if they see a sleep-deprived soul at least that's what they'll see and not someone hiding behind a mask. Refreshing!

Ted D said...


Thanks. Means a lot. And I am real; real freaking tired! But as of 12 today I'm a free man!!!

Tex said...

\But as of 12 today I'm a free man!!/

a man with a wife, house and three not so sure "free" should be your choice of words ;)


Ted D said...

Free from the shackles of the man, Tex.

I need a nap.

Stacy said...

It was an exciting last 4 outs. Pap was in command; I wouldn't have cared if he just got out Slappy and then sat down. :)

Ted D said...


Market is officially over and I can turn my attention to Boston in May.

Stacy, it was a a great win for sure.

Tree Newt said...

Market? The furniture market was this week?

Tex said...

now thats just plain mean Newt

Ted D said...

Yeah, Dink. Remember, you left us high and dry.

My posture was better though; without carrying you, I could stand up straighter. ;)

Tree Newt said...

Just remember that when you're trying to fill my size 11's!!!!

Only kidding bro. Honestly, the only thing I missed about market was hanging with you guys.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I am telling you, that was five & a half hours too many of Joe Buck. I thougt itw as hysterical that he spent 150 minutes talking about this epic face off of Papelbon & Slappy, and 90 seconds after it started, it was over. HA!

Ted D said...

It was pretty awesome; Buck was practically hyperventilating, and Pap just blew him away.