Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Hate the Offseason.

Have you ever seen anything quite as sad as Fenway Park completely empty?

Until this year, this would have bothered me a little. Given the fact I got to attend 4 games and walk the hallowed halls of this great park, I've got a slightly skewed perspective. I touched the Green Monster and the Pesky Pole. I stood behind home plate and looked up at the press boxes.

I even took the tour with Kelly O and snapped a photo of the ledge behind the RF seats where some poor dink paid $35 to stand on a ledge and attempt to watch a game.

I stood behind the seats for over 7 hours while balancing myself on a guard rail, in the rain, to watch Josh Beckett lose to the Angels thanks to my good friend Rob. So while I'm not an expert, I at least have first hand knowledge.

As for the result of my extensive testing and first hand knowledge, I've come to the following conclusion; There is NOTHING more pitiful than an empty Fenway Park.

Come next April, the place will be jumping; beer will be sold, Fenway Franks will be eaten, and "Sweet Caroline" will be sang. Until then, the great old park will be silent. Gone will be the cheers, boos, and curses of 35,000 plus die hards wanting the Old Towne Team to pull one out in the late innings.

No Papi, no Tito, and no Joe Castiglione turning a long fly ball into an epic home run.

I hate the winter, with all the snow, sleet, and broken dreams for RSN.

Give me Spring Training, DO and Remy in Magnum P.I. shirts, and TC and Eck pontificating on the season to come.

I have no idea WHF I'm going to do for the next 4 months.

Thank God I've got Rakes to write about.


Tex said...

you know that 'honey-do' list? That's what you'll be doing the next 4 months.

Bickley said...

You've got Rakes, I've got Stephanie...aren't we blessed? And I answer that with a resounding "YES!"

Ted D said...

I don't do "honey do" lists, Tex. Mainly because I just don't know how. I trust everyone made it out alive last night?

Bickley, you've got that right 100%; wouldn't have it any other way.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Four months, nothing! 101 days and some minutes. Let's not make it any longer than absolutely necessary.

gojohn said...

The ole ballpark does look sad. But at least we have the MVP and Cy Young countdown, plus free agent news to keep us thinking baseball.

Hope you all have a good Halloween!

Ted D said...

Dawn, 4 months seems FOREVER from now.

Hey John; hope all is well. Munchkin for MVP!

Dewey said...

Sadder than an empty Fenway is an empty snow covered Fenway. I drive by that all the time. Makes me want to cry everytime. ::Sigh:: In the middle of winter in New England, it often feels that spring will never come.

Ted D said...

Dewey, I envy you that you can drive by it all the time. But yeah, seeing it empty is a pretty sad image.

Thanks for stopping by. :waves: