Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Live from the West Coast.

Terry Francona and his bash at will philosophy vs. Mike Scoscia and his hit and run NL style.

Vladdy and Texiera vs. Big Papi and Youkilis.

Lackey and Santana vs. Lester and Daisuke.

Wally vs. The Rally Monkey.

I call Sox in 4. We split in Cali and take the series in Boston.

The wild card? Josh Freaking Beckett.

I'll take his post-season record vs. anything else.

7 days a week.

October baseball; Dane Cook can eat my shorts.

RSN LIVES for this.


Bickley said...

Oh, yeah!!! 4-1! I almost scared the crap out of some poor driver standing at my window when Paps struck out that last batter. What a great game! That's the Sox that I know and love, baby!!

Jacoby Ellsbury for president.

Of the universe.

I want to adopt him. He can live at my house.

That sounds kind of creepy doesn't it?

Ted D said...

Great win by the boys, Bickley! I watched the last 3 innings in bed with one hand on the remote and one holding my eyes open.

Sarah said...

I did a bad thing... I couldn't sleep until I knew the final outcome of the game. Going to bed when it was 2-1 with an inning and a half to go did NOT make me feel comfortable at all. However, checking espn on my phone to confirm that the game was over with a final score of 4-1 made me feel REALLY good! :) Not so good now, but only two exams to go. And I'm still speaking English... I think that's a promising sign. Should have seen me yesterday after my exams...

Tex said...

recap at my place. We got this.

Ted D said...

Sarah, I'm dead and I don't have to take exams. My cap is off to you.

Tex, quick drive by but I'll try and catch up over at your place.