Thursday, October 9, 2008

Rakes at the Pumpkin Patch: It's an off day.

Rakes went to the Pumpkin Patch with his pre-school class today.

And no, we didn't have to sign a waver absolving him of any crimes he might commit beforehand, but Ang went along just in case. To document it all in film in the event we'd have to defend ourselves in a court of law.

There were pumpkins to be picked, Scarecrows to be stuffed, cows to be traumatized, and trails to be walked. Apparently he did just fine, at least according to my wife of 16 years.

Although this one picture has me worried.

I'm pretty sure this Horse is gonna need therapy in the near future.

Red Sox baseball tomorrow night.

Thank God.


Tex said...

Looks like ole Bessie there seems alittle ansy...Im sure Rakes just wants a ride. He doesnt own spurs right?

Game 1 cant start fast enough

Ted D said...

If he doesn't have any Tex, I'm pretty sure he can make some up.

Game 1 is now about 12 hours away.


~**Dawn**~ said...

Hotdogs for the grill (because it's not a ballgame without a hot dog): CHECK!

Favorite Red Sox t-shirt: CHECK!

Trot jersey ready at hand (for layering, in case of emergency): CHECK!

Shrine set up on end table: CHECK!

Lucky RSN/Believe bracelet waiting for gametime: CHECK!

Methods of self-sedation assembled: CHECK!

Needed: one live chicken to sacrifice to Jobu.

Five & a half hours til go time.

Ted D said...

Nice, Dawn! I'll have my lucky playoff hat and bat close by.


~**Dawn**~ said...

I'm afraid to ask what the bat is for...

Ted D said...

Just to carry it around.

Unless we're losing, then I go out back and tack a few whacks at some trees.