Friday, October 31, 2008

Just another Ghost on Halloween.

I know he's gone, never to return; at least not wearing the scarlet B on his hat. But without Manny, his dreads, and that wicked right handed bat hitting in the 4 hole we probably don't have 2 World Championships in 4 years.

Yes. I'm well aware that he basically quit on his teammates, jaked it in the field and at the plate, and basically behaved like a 4 year old to get run out of town all so he can break the bank as a free agent. And as much as I'd like it not to happen, some dink is going to give him around $100 million dollars to hit a baseball, lollygag around the bases, and make Lucy from Peanuts look like a Gold Glove candidate.

But it's Halloween, I found this picture, and it sums up Manny better than a 1,000 word column or blog ever could.

Plus, I needed a picture for a Halloween post and this one was on the first page I googled; Yes. I really am that lazy.

Speaking of Halloween, I broke about 37 moving traffic violations on the way home from work to take the Axis of Evil trick-or-treating, didn't eat dinner until 8:40, and finally got the last one put to bed about 4 minutes ago.

We walked the neighborhood ringing doorbells, trying to avoid cars AND the moronic teenagers from the neighboring development riding around on skateboards, and failing miserably to keep Trot from stopping every 2.5 feet to try and open his candy.

Meanwhile Rakes is chasing the couple across the street's Grandson around and hitting him with his candy bag, Ciera is ringing the doors of houses that are TOTALLY dark, and Ang is having a friendly chat with one of the Mom's down the street. All this while I try to play traffic cop for 3 whirling dervishes in costumes on a candy-fueled rampage.

I need a Quaalude.


Tex said...

a lude?? I'll check with the crazy lady at Embargo's we met tonight....I'm certain she has connections.

Ted D said...

Please do, Tex. And please try to not make the national papers while you're away.

Tex said...

well we are staying next door to the kennedy's ;)

Ted D said...

Uh oh.....