Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Will the last man standing please show up?

Down 3 games to 1.

Win or go home is about the only option I can try and sell.

Leave it to the Red Sox to have the guy who walks more people than the Kansas City Royals 5th pitcher to have the deciding game in his hands.

Screw it; if the Rays can't win this game they don't deserve to win the series. Dice-K is on the hill and I've got a good feeling. And if we win tonight, we've got Beckett in Game 6. God forbid the sun shine on us and we've got Jon Lester in Game 7.

To paraphrase Kevin Millar? Don't let us win tonight. We've been here before. Against better teams and against worse odds; bottom line?

It ain't over yet. And until somebody tells me that the season is over and Fenway Park is shut down until April I'll be right here keeping the fair. Cause not to long ago some moron told me it was done. Sadly, I believed him.

Now? Unless I see the World Series lineup and my boys aren't part of it, I'm keeping the freaking fair.

See you tomorrow, Tampa.

Better bring your A game.


Tex said...

our boys better bring their B in Boston game plan.

we we've been down and out can happen. Believe.

if that fat lady opens her mouth, I'm shoving a salami in it.

HorshamScouse said...

I'm trying to work a half day tomorrow so I can see the whole game live (first pitch at ~ 1:15 p.m.) Fair is being kept and I'll be throwing things whatever happens.

Sarah said...

Ugh... EVERYONE at work keeps asking about me and how I'm doing. Well, not everyone... some people are snickering behind my back, and I know it, because they hate the Red Sox, and they want the Rays to win just so the Red Sox won't. Interesting landscape out here in IN among most people who wouldn't care if it weren't for the Red Sox involvement.

Dice-K on the mound... I feel at peace with this :)

Bridget said...

A guy in my German class was talking about how he was going to Boston in early November I told him it would either be the happiest town in the US or a very bitter and slightly hungover place. He didn't quite get it. But seriously. The ALCS needs to stop killing us.

Ted D said...

Tex, sounds like a plan. Only don't use salami. Use a turkey.

John, hope you get the day off early; gotta have New Zealand representing. We've been down this road before, so at least we know what to expect.

Sarah, I'm with you; I feel completely at ease with Daisuke on the the mound. And just tell all those people to go pound sand where the sun don't shine.

Bridget, welcome. I'm not nearly as nuts as it sounds. I'm just Married. With Children. Keep the Fair.