Sunday, October 12, 2008

When bad things happen to good people.

This is not the image you want to see in the 5th inning; Tito coming to get The Commander out of the game. I'm not really sure what's going on with Beckett; could be he's still feeling the oblique thing or he's just rusty from the layoff of not pitching much over the last month. Whatever it is, I imagine several water coolers, a couple of bats and possibly a toilet or two got trashed after he left the field.

All I know is after watching him scuffle, the game go back and forth with us taking the lead and the Rays getting it right back inning after inning was tough enough; to lose it in extra innings at the ungodly hour of around 2 a.m. and me blinking blearily at the television like some sleep deprived mole left me with the feeling I'd just been kicked in the gibleys with a pair of Beckett's cowboy boots.

The practical part of my brain knows getting out of that stupid dome with a split is good; considering the way they waxed us down there all season it's actually freaking fantastic. But the irrational part? I wanted to go back to Boston with those dinks down 2-0 and looking for Jack Kevorkian to put 'em out of their misery.

Fenway Park in October is different than the regular season; I found that out last Sunday night. And come tomorrow, so will the Rays. It's louder, somehow smaller, and the electricity in the air is UNREAL. Combine that with the cold weather, the absence of 35,000 stupid cowbells, and the magic of Fenway and I'm pretty sure those boys are gonna figure out they ain't in Kansas anymore.

Oh yeah. That guy we've got pitching tomorrow?

He's pretty good.

Pack a sack lunch, boys. It's gonna be a long day.


Tex said...

who can eat at a time like this??

But they do need to SACK UP and win.

the rays aint seen boston in the's to the cold weather biting the rays in the tweeter

Ted D said...

Boston will be a little different for 'em this time around for sure, Tex.

Can't wait to see Lester pitch tomorrow.

Trot's Hat said...

I think the lack of cowbells will spell a win for the Boys on Monday. You read it here.
And the picture in your last post is absolutely priceless!

Ted D said...

Hey Bridget! Hope all is well across the pond; I'm sure everyone is missing you. Wish you could have been there for DrivebyTedapalooza.

As for the picture, I've got great subjects to work with.

Beth said...

I'm surpisingly not tired out from the late, emotional game last night. Actually, ready for more!

Ted D said...

God Bless you, Beth. I'm beat. Plus church today, took the boys out this afternoon for 3 hours, cooked dinner, and trying to get everyone settled down for the night.

I need a Nanny.

Tex said...

:waves: How much does the job pay? is there paid SL and AL? but more there free MLBXtraInnings and Red Sox Tickets and you've got a deal.

Ted D said...

Free Extra Innings for sure. As for the Tickets, how much can you sweet talk our friend Rob?

Sarah said...

I love Jon Lester. That's all I've got tonight.

Ted D said...

Sarah, it's nice to know we've got that horse ready to go today, right?

Crabcakes is our stopper!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Ted, I wish I could say I believed there was any abused equipment Saturday night, but the fact is, Beckett hasn't been Beckett all season. I haven't seen THAT Beckett since this time last year. I am starting to wish he would kick something, drop a string of expletives that would curl Andrew Dice Clay's hair and basically show *any* kind of emotion whatsoever. I would almost welcome there being a physical explanation to this season, but my biggest fear is that it's a mental issue, because man, he sure hasn't pitched like someone who cares. =(

Ted D said...

Dawn, I don't think he's been right physically all year. How many times did he go on the DL? 3? Hopefully he'll bounce back his next start.

30 more minutes until Game 3!