Friday, October 10, 2008

Playoff Baseball. It'll eventually kill me.

It's 10:10 p.m. on Friday night.

Daisuke Matsuzaka is pitching, Chip Carey is causing me to consider firing a loaded weapon into my television screen, and the Red Sox are winning 1-0 in the bottom of the 5th inning.

Combine the fact Chip (what kind of name is that anyway? I realize I named my boys Rakes and Trot, but Chip? Did he live in the third stall on the right during high school, getting swirly after swirly while cursing his parents under his breath?) keeps trying to jinx the "thing that shall not be uttered?" If you're a fan of the game you'll get that; if not, see me tomorrow. I'm not gonna be the one to mess with the mojo.

All this while Red and Denton are live blogging over at Surviving Grady, Ang has turned my computer room/sanctuary into a sweat shop, and Rakes asked me if YoGo's would make him have nightmares as I put him to bed.

I've instructed Ang to have the defibulator ready and the hospital on speed dial.

And it's only Game 1.

I freaking love October.

::Mainlines Mt. Dew::


sittingstill said...

//Ang has turned my computer room/sanctuary into a sweat shop//

I read that as "sweet shop." ^_~

Ted D said...

Not quite, Kelly. Too much sewing and noise and not enough baseball for my taste.

And I'm looking for a hitman to take out Chip and Buck.

HorshamScouse said...

Sweet win though Ted? (See what I did there? I kill me.)

Ted D said...

Yes it was, Horsham. And come by in December again; I'll make sure I kill you then.

Krystle said...

Putting the game on mute was the best thing I did last night. I might tolerate them for when we're at Fenway, but not at the Trop.

Ted D said...

I should have done that, Krystle. Angie's sewing machine was rattling behind me until about 11 pm.

Tex said...

SOXTober Ted.

Ted D said...

I like it, Tex.