Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just Another Gray Hair

On the surface, this looks like a normal, happy child. What if I told you he had his crash helmet on while he's pushing this huge yellow and orange car as fast as he can toward his older brother in an attempt to separate him from his bicycle?

Did I mention Rakes JUST learned how to ride his bike without training wheels? So he's trying to keep his balance, pedal as fast as his little legs can go, watch out for mailboxes, curbs, and oncoming traffic while a demented midget with a BRATZ helmet, a grin usually seen on mental patients, and screaming gibberish pushing an over sized tonka toy tries to hip check him into the neighbor's driveway.

As I watched my boys try to maim each other before supper, I tried to keep my mind off Beckett and his Game 6 start. I was worried about his health, our bats, and those idiotic cowbells at Tropicana Field. Turns out I never should have questioned my team.

Beckett wasn't filthy, but he was good enough. The bullpen Pirates known as Okajima, Masterson, and Pap were out of this world, and it turns out The Captain isn't dead yet. So it's on to Game 7 tonight with Jon Lester on the bump. I guess it's appropriate; he's been our horse all year long. So let it come down to him vs Matt Garza.

It all comes down to 1 final game against the Rays to see who goes to the World Series. After 6 months of fighting for first place in the AL East and fighting on the field at Fenway Park, it's time for the Sox to take some advice from Andy Dufresne.


Beth said...

Go Sox!

Ted D said...


Tex said...

We can look at this one of two ways:

1. We Lost.

2. We made it to the Final Four and made the Rays fight the hardest fight they will fight to get to where they are now: In the World Series.

I'd like to look at it as Number 2. The Rays did not take us. We did not let them take us. They thought they had it at Game 5 but they were mistaken...we showed them what Champions are made of by fighting and scrapping till the bitter end. Game 7 was clear that we were in it for the long haul. Beckett may not have had his best but our boys took it to the next level. It's not always the better team that gets to The's the team who played better at Game 7 and the Rays did it. I give them props but I'll be damned if I'll give them applause for the World Series. I hope the Phillies give them a fight.

Ted D said...

I go with #2, Tex. But I can't be rational about it right now; I hope the Phillies sweep 'em away.

Sarah said...

I know you're all gonna hate me, but I'm rooting for the Rays in the World Series. I wanted the Sox to beat them in the ALCS, and I'm THRILLED they put up a fight through seven games. In my mind, it's MUCH more respectable to lose 4-3 than to get embarrassed with a 4-1 record in the ALCS. We put up a fight, and we made them earn every one of those victories.

But as everyone *shoud* know by now, the AL is the better division, as evidenced by our much better record through interleague play. The Rays have fought off two tough teams, while the Phillies simply let sleeping dogs lie. I don't predict a sweep either way, but I DO predict that the Rays take it in 5 or 6. And what a story it would be.

Ted D said...

Sarah, I don't hate you and completely get where you are coming from. A bunch of Sox fans I know are pulling for the Rays; I just can't do it. They are a great team and a great story, but I hope Phillie turns them back into a pumpkin at the end of the World Series.

I'm starting to feel a rage against them like I do against the Yankees.