Monday, October 13, 2008

Somewhere Ted Nugent is Smiling.

July 23rd, 1979 my buddy Dayton hit a ground ball that bounced off a root in my back yard and hit me square in the marbles.

I bring this up only because it's the closest thing to how I feel after tonight's game I could think of. After watching Beckett gack it up on Saturday night I was hoping for Lester to resemble Sammy "The Bull" Gravano and dispatch of the Rays as such.

Sadly, this didn't happen, and after watching Carlos Pena's 9th inning Home Run hit some Volvo on the Mass Pike I turned my weary eyes to tomorrow.

Forget that 9-1 waxing we took tonight; tomorrow we look to a 42 year old knuckleball pitcher with a beer belly and premature balding issues. A guy who began his career as a corner infielder who somehow, through the grace of God, the magic of Fenway Park, and a voodoo shop on Berkline Avenue is now the longest tenured member of the team.

He's got a career 19-5 record vs Tampa, has dealt with Aaron Freaking Boone in 2003, and cried standing on the pitching mound after the Red Sox beat the Cardinals in 2004.

Plus he's got a set of gibleys big enough to go hunting with Mike Timlin and live to tell about it.

For all those reasons, plus the fact he looks like he'd like to gut Joe Maddon like some random deer I've got a good feeling heading into tomorrow nights game. ALCS games for the Red Sox are like Kryptonite to Superman; it makes us weak, weary, and ready to move on.

But just like being down 0-3 to the MFY's in 2004 and 1-3 to the Indians in 2007, I'm not sweating the small stuff. Something inside me knows that Wake will make 'em look silly tomorrow, Dice-K will be Dice-K, and Beckett will suddenly remember he's the Commander of the FYYO Brigade and we'll all be Riverdancing down to Philly or out to Cali sometime next week.

At least that's what I keep telling myself. Lowell hurt, Ellsbury 0 for 20 something, and Papi not being Papi is in the back of my mind. But I'm Keeping the Fair and holding on.

'Cause just like Red said in Shawshank.


It's a good thing.


Tree Newt said...

Shawshank sighting!!! Shawshank sighting!!!

Sucks to lose. To Tampa. Tomorrow's a new day.

Ted D said...

Nothing wrong with a Shawshank sighting, little brother. And the Rays suck.

JMP said...

Oh how it sucks to be a Red Sox fan in newbie Rays fan territory!!! I cant take the cow bells any more!!!

Rays tees everywhere now. I think the new Rays fans are Yankee fans in disguise !!!

Sox need to put this to bed and silence the cow bells!!!!

And will some one PLEASE buy Joe Maddon a new pair of glasses????

Ted D said...

JMP, I can't imagine what it's like down in the backyard of Tampa. Keep on fighting the good fight; and I'll chip in on the glasses if I need to.

Krystle said...

Trot's going to be at Fenway tonight...prevail for him!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Numb. I'm numb.

Also? I wish I could go temporarily deaf for the remainder of the ALCS. Not only do I need to drown out the locals but if I have to listen to those TBS clowns for one more minute...

Ted D said...

Trot's in Fenway? WOOT!!!

Me too, Dawn. And Chip Caray needs to be drawn and quartered. What a everlovin' dink.

gojohn said...

I'm not counting the Sox out yet either!


Ted D said...

Hey John! Hope everything is going all right for you.

Krystle said...

yeah, first pitch =]

Ted D said...

Woo Hoo!!

gojohn said...

Yeah things are OK, how are you?