Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's time for Halloween again.

Tonight at the local Methodist church where Rakes goes to pre-school, they held their annual "Trunk or Treat" event where the kids walk up to about 20 cars in the parking lot and get candy. It's sort of like pre-season for the big event this Friday.

So, from left to right you have the demented Lion who screamed for 20 minutes about wanting a hat, Rakes doing his best impression of Barney Fife as Woody the Cowboy, and Ciera channeling her inner Tek. Although she did turn down my suggestion she draw a beard on her face and wear her jeans pulled up to mid-calf.

You can't tell these young kids anything.

Trot was more interested in having a tail, Rakes wanted to know if he could carry a "real" gun and Ciera initially wanted to go as herself. What happened to the Halloween of my youth where you spent 3 months planning what you were going to be and then were utterly disgusted when the Paul Stanley costume your Mom bought looked NOTHING like the box it came in?

What killed me more than anything was remembering last year when we did this; I was walking on air because the Red Sox were in the World Series and I knew if I could make it through the chaos I had a World Series game I was actually invested in to get me through the night.

Yeah, I've got the game on now and I'm glad the Phillies are winning; it's just not the same.

Is it time for the Hot Stove League yet?


Tex said...

Seriously, its not even Thanksgiving and we're having withdrawls already.

well at least i get to see Fenway this week. :)

Ted D said...

It stinks, right?

Have a GREAT trip, Tex!

Tree Newt said...

Those Kiss costumes rocked. I loved my Gene one.

Still can't believe Mom went for that one.

And Rakes doesn't look like Barney. He looks exactly like an outlaw from one of those Old West Time Life books.