Friday, October 3, 2008

I think I'll go to Boston.

After following the baseball team all my life I already liked Boston.

Once I actually got there for the first time in May I fell in love with the place.

I'm sort of scared once I go back again this weekend I won't wanna leave.

Which creates somewhat of a dilemma. My wife that I adore and the kids I love more than anything in this world live in NC. So the question becomes do I pack 'em all up and move to Boston or just love the place from afar and visit when I can?

I gotta tell you; if somebody offered me a job today, I'd have the house on the market tomorrow morning. Although something tells me it's about 50% the city and 50% my friends.

Who I can't wait to see 2 days from now. Throw in Fenway Park, Josh Beckett, and a potential sweep of the Angels and I'm geeked right about now.

Plane leaves at 8 and I hit Boston around 12:30 tomorrow night/Sunday morning. More than likely this is the last post I'll make until I get back home on Monday so anyone who reads this mess keep the fair for me while I'm gone.

See you next week.


HorshamScouse said...

Fair being well and truly kept, Ted.
Safe travels my friend, and have one on me.

Edge of Design said...
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Edge of Design said...

Oh no! Please don't move. V would miss C, L would miss T and I would miss A and C. I'd be sad because I couldn't B with them. :)

(I deleted the previous comment because I noticed a mistake after I posted it. )

Ted D said...

You got it John. And I'll have a couple just to make sure.

Edge, I can't keep up with all the letters. How about you all just move with us?

Bickley said...

I'm with you, Ted. If we got a job offer in Boston, I would move in a heartbeat. I love Boston, too. I would even endure the winters. Can Boston winters be worse than Texas summers??

Tex said...

Let's just create a commune and all move together??

Have Fun Ted...Im happy and jealous at the same time. You better bring JPB good luck or Im kicking your behonkus

Ted D said...

Bickley, I don't know about Texas but Oklahoma was hot enough for me. Plus I love winter so I think I'd be OK.

Tex, I'm down with the commune; more help watching Rakes and Trot. And thanks; I'm bringing the mojo with me.

Trot's Hat said...

Safe travels, Ted! Tell the Hancock Tower I say Hi, ok?
Many hygs!

Redbeard76 said...

Just think, the kids will love the snow!

Edge of Design said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Edge of Design said...

Two deleted posts in one day. I'm "tard" as Tex says. I'll pass on the move to Boston because it's not a place I'd want to raise my daughter when it gets right down to it. My heart is here.

Krystle [RSO] said...

If you ever want to move to Boston, my advice would be move to Brookline, Brighton or Newton. They're one of the safest towns and it's point miles away from Boston. Just don't send you kids to Newbury College at all cost, unless in the next how many years it is tuition goes down and the school gets better. Both which I doubt

Plus the kids need to know what a REAL snow day is. =p.

You better have fun and you BETTER have pictures/videos/stories, oh who am I kidding I KNOW you will. Safe travels and just have fun for the people that won't be there (even though they're 4 miles away!!!)

Ted D said...

Hi Bridget. WIsh you could be here. And you too, Redbeard. Edge and Krystle, thanks for the good wishes. Quick drive post before we head over to meet up with everyone else. 4 hour of sleep and an all day Palooza plus the game means I'm gonna be running on fumes come tomorrow night.