Monday, March 30, 2009

#7 in your program. #1 in my heart

Thanks to Mother Nature raining out his game on Saturday combined with Monday being my day off, I got to go to Rakes soccer game tonight and help coach.

He scored 2 goals, and due to the fact Ciera was manning the video camera like a champ we actually got footage of one of them.

She didn't get it on film, but when he finally got back to the sideline and flashed a million dollar smile and a thumbs up my way?

It got a little dusty on that soccer field tonight.

I'll be a blithering idiot by the time he starts T-Ball next month.


HorshamScouse said...

Little bees swarming round a moving honeypot. Great camerawork by Ciera. Economy of effort by Rakes, poking the ball with just enough force to cross the line.

Ted D said...

It wasn't exactly a super kick, John. But it got the job done.

Rich in the garage said...

go git it!

Oh man I wish I lived where people had southern accents, even grocery shopping would be funny.

Ted D said...

Accent? I have no idea what you are talking about.

Rich in the garage said...

Isnt that supposed to be yer yappin on about lil' doggie.

Or some other stereotypical botching of southern slang?

Ted D said...

You may be looking for "They gotta touch the stove to see if it's hot".