Monday, March 9, 2009

A Day Off From What?

Ang, in her quest to land a teaching job by this fall, spent the majority of the day running here and there trying to get everything she needs while I spent the day watching Frick and his ever present running buddy Frack.

Don't get me wrong; this is a good thing. After 6 years of one income taking care of a family of five I'm ready for some relief. Especially considering I make my living off of commission.

But after Trot pooped in his pants (no diaper), poured a Danimal out all over the bar AND the kitchen floor, 2+ hours of playing outside where my allergies were screaming "NOOOOOO!" followed by helping coach Rakes soccer practice tonight (have you ever tried to get 11 5 year old kids to all listen at the same time?) I was pretty sure I was in Stage 5 of the famous Popeye disease of "I've had all I can stand and I can't stands no more".

Until I went to say prayers with Rakes and he wrapped his arms around my neck, said "I love you, Dad" and wouldn't let go for the next 5 minutes.

Stinking kids; just when I think I'm out?

They pull me back in.

Of course he got out of bed 3 minutes later, which got Trot out of bed about .2 seconds after that so I had to threaten both of them with bodily harm and a week without the Play Station.

But it was a sweet moment while it lasted.

Only 73 more days until I fly to New England for the Megapalooza.

It's 50/50 odds I stroke out before then.


Tex said...

I'll call Al to make sure we have a ride after the game

Ted D said...

I was hoping you'd say that, Tex.

'Cause I'm pretty sure I'll be close to a straight jacket by then.

Rich in the garage said...

and going at 100:1 you stroke out post an afternoon with me.

Beth said...

73 - is that all? Yeah!!

Love the Lowell pic!

Ted D said...

Rich, I'm guessing you are spot on. But at least we'll have some fun.

73 Beth; I can't wait. And Kelly did her usual fantastic work on the picture.

Trot's Hat said...

Many thanks for the Lowell pic and for figuring out the day count. My countdown has begun!! :-)

Ted D said...

Bridget, thank Kelly for the picture; she took it and I just used it! I need to start a countdown clock on my page for the Megapalooza.

HorshamScouse said...

'69 sleeps until we fly to LA!' One of our receptionists at the College discovered we're on the same flight in May. (She and her husband are off on a US vacation.)
He's 6'4" and I have no idea how he'll fit in an economy seat for 12 hours.

Ted D said...

John, maybe he can sit on the floor?