Saturday, March 21, 2009

Travolta has got NOTHING on Rakes

After viewing this picture is it any wonder I'm spending a perfectly good Saturday night watching Team Korea treat Team Venezuela like Joe Pesci did with that dude in the bar in "Goodfellas"?

I've dropped hints all winter long, but if the regular season doesn't get here soon I'm more than likely going to walk into the nearest Arby's, drop trou and yell "Give me the #5 combo and make it snappy!".

Putting the cherry on top of the sundae, I'm taking Rakes and several of his closest troublemakers to Chuck E. Cheese on Monday followed by a trip to the indoor pool the following Monday for Trot's birthday party where I'll more than likely spend the whole time worrying about some little booger eater dying while I'm trying to keep MY kids off the high dive.

So it should come as no surprise I spend most of my time away from work sitting in front of the computer, muttering under my breath and growing new gray hairs every 3.7 seconds? The rate I'm going I'll look like Howard Hughes by April the 23rd.

Topping the whole night off is the fact I'm listening to Joe Morgan, Steve Phillips, and John Miller call the Venezuela/Korea semi-final game for the WBC. This is the listening equivalent of someone scraping their nails on a chalkboard while screaming at the top of their lungs and getting kicked in the gibleys by a drunk mule all at the same time.

If you'll excuse me I'm going to be spending the next few hours tearing apart the medicine cabinet looking for that Percosat left over from my sinus surgery a few years back.

Oh yeah; Tek hit a HR from the left side of the plate yesterday.

So all isn't lost.


Rich in the garage said...

I honestly think Tek may have been playing injured last season and never told anyone. It was a contract year for him and no one wants an old broken down donkey pulling their cart.

I'd still let the man sire my children. (If only to spare the world from whatever creatures I may spawn)

Ted D said...

Agreed, Jr. Kelly has been saying the same thing; he was either hurt or sick and I'm looking for him to have a big bounce back year. Or as big a year a 37 year old catcher can have.

And let me thank you now for your decision to spare the world from any Rich Jr's.

Rich in the garage said...

If it makes you get any more gray hairs I can start tonight!

Ted D said...

Rich, my gray hairs have gray hairs.

Rock on my man.

Tex said...

March is almost over. April will be here soon.

I smell baseball

Ted D said...

Me too, Tex.

Rich in the garage said...

Sorry that was me Tex, had the chili dog last night :(

Ted D said...

I can always tell when you're working, Rich. Do you actually park any cars or are you like that guy in "48 Hours" where Eddie Murphy had his car stored?