Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hump Day Mutterings

To start with, Josh Bard can't catch a break. Brought in a few years ago to catch Wake he looked like a guy trying to catch a butterfly with a pair of tweezers. One Doug Mirabelli motorcade later and he was on the beach in San Diego wondering what in the world just happened.

Fast forward to this spring; the Sox bring him back, he hits around .400 and STILL gets released. Either George Kottaras is going to catch Wake or Theo has that old dude who caught Joe Niekro on speed dial and Senor Bard is hoping somebody still has a need for a back up catcher who twitches whenever a knuckleball is tossed.

Like my good friend Josh Blue said earlier, Wakefield is where all good back up catchers go to die.

On the other hand, LOST was EPIC tonight, Team USA is trying to mount a comeback, and Rakes managed to not set the house on fire today. And while who knows what tomorrow brings, I've got a positive outlook.

Is it Opening Day yet?


Beth said...

I can't wait to watch Lost today!!

Ted D said...

One of the best episodes this year, Beth.

Beth said...

You say that every week!

It was good!!

Ted D said...

I know; they just keep getting better.