Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nirvana isn't just a band.

It's Wednesday night and I'm dead in the middle of the work week with 3 more days to go until a day off.

Team USA is getting beat 5-3 by Venezuela with K-Rod on the mound and I'm being subjected to listening to Joe Magrane do the color; this is ALMOST as bad as Joe Morgan. Almost.

Ciera is apparently hitting puberty at the age of 10, Trot is still trying to figure out this whole going in the toilet thing, and Rakes is reminding me, bit by bit, of why my Mom would lock herself in the bathroom for 30 minute intervals when I was a kid.

Opening Day is still over 2 weeks away, Jack Bauer is on the run, and Megapalooza seems like it's happening so far in the future I can't really get a grip on when it is so I'm looking for a happy place I can hide in for a few hours.

Found it.


Tex said...

Don't wish time away...May will get here soon enough

Rich in the garage said...

Keebler elves have magic time skip devices tex.

You're too tall to understand.

Ted D said...

Not wishing it away, Tex. Just wishing for some calm.

Rich, apparently I really am too tall 'cause I have no clue what in the world you are talking about. But rock on Magic Elf.

Rich in the garage said...

Remind me to take you shark fishing some day.

Ted D said...

Shark fishing? No way, bro. That involves me in a boat with no land in sight so can't we just go fishing for catfish instead?

Stacy said...

It does look like a happy place. :) I may have to stow away in your suitcase.

Rich in the garage said...


What the *$*@# is a cat fish? Thats not even a fight!

Ted D said...

I think that is illegal Stacy. But I'm game.

Rich, please tell me you're kidding; you've GOT to know what a catfish is.

Rich in the garage said...

Its not a real fish mang, does it even fight?

I mean get out and get a Yellow Fin or a Marlin or anything that a 5 year old couldn't land.

Scared of the ocean?! Oh cmon.

Ted D said...

Not the ocean; just when I can't see land. And have you ever landed a 10 pound catfish? Thing fights like a sailor on Saturday night.