Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Day My Binky Died

Anyone who has read this train wreck on a semi-regular basis over the last few years knows how I feel about Manny Ramirez.

I love the guy.

He's Pablo Picasso with a bat. He makes doing the hardest athletic thing I can think of in hitting a baseball look effortless; I never saw Ted Williams play but I can't imagine he made it look any easier than Manny although I'm sure he did.

Yeah, he makes Lucy from Peanuts look like a Gold Glover in the outfield, but he could play the ball of the Monster better than anyone not named Yaz. And he isn't exactly Lou Brock on the base paths, ignores the third base coach like we ignore the Moonies at the airport, and you can read War and Peace in the time it takes him to pimp one of his moon shots at home plate. But there was always something about Manny that made you smile.

Whether it was going into the wall to pee or mugging for the camera in the dugout or pointing and grinning at the dugout after sliding into second like a deranged elephant Manny always seemed like he got it; he was playing a child's game for a millionaires wage and he could give two rips what people thought.

Turns out he didn't.

"Hey, sometimes it’s better off to have a two-year deal in a place that you’re going to be happy than have an eight-year deal in a place where you’re going to suffer."

8 years, $160 million dollars, millions of fans who adored you, 2 World Series championships, and a World Series MVP is suffering? Every time he lolly gagged to first on a ground ball, had his Grandmother die, or said he couldn't play because his knees hurt I excused it.

He was MANNY.

So what if he fought Youk in the dugout, pushed the travelling secretary down and quit on his team in 2006. Somehow, someway I found myself defending someone who probably didn't deserve it.

After today? I'm done.

Funny thing is I'm not even mad about it.

I'm just sad.


Blogstiny said...

It is sad when the sports heros you love let you down. In today's world of sports I am getting used to it. It is sad. When I was a kid you could count on most of them to do the right thing. I love the Broncos and have season tix, but lately I am pretty disappointed. Brandon Marshall is in trouble again, our Q.B. is a whiney little Bi&%h. Even though they all are not the best role models, I still like watching sports cause it brings me back to childhood, and that's all good.

Ted D said...

Blogstiny, I agree 100%. You wish they'd be like you remember them being when you were a kid but it never is. I get it's a business and all that but to basically spit on everyone who supported you for 8 years while you acted like the south bound end of a north bound donkey just plain sucks.

Rich in the garage said...

the "I made my money" quote was laughable at best.

Yeah you made your money you #&^$* $&#*@ $ &#*@. (Cierra those are all terrible terrible words, dont even reference my usage of them till you're in your late 30's.)

I was all for Manny until he threw down the old guy. You can't keep someone in a locker room like him. I admire his work ethic, I admire that he's in the cages at 5AM on game days. I love his swing, he commands the bat like Ray Charles played the piano. Unfortunately he plays left field much like I imagine Ray Charles would have.

Time for Papi to take care of things now. In Papi we trust...all others pay cash.

Ted D said...

Rich, thanks for the PSA for Ciera. ;)

I'm almost embarrassed I excused Manny for so long. And the left field comment made me snort.

In Papi we trust. I like that.

Stacy said...

I'm curious just how he was "going to suffer" in Boston, and couldn't you take it for $160 mil?

I'm with you Ted; it's just sad.

Tex said...

HUGE TEXAS HUG to you Lil Brother. I'm done too.

Ted D said...

Stacy, my thoughts exactly.

And thanks, Tex. It still sucks though.