Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just Because

While Ang was upstairs shredding documents (I can't tell you what or I'd have to kill you. It's sort of like in "Goodfellas" when Ray Liotta's wife was flushing all that coke down the toilet; you're better off not knowing) Trot somehow managed to get past the child proof door knob, open the garage door, and end up at the next door neighbors house.

Thankfully he didn't do any major damage and she marched him right back home. However, due to this plus the fact I'm about ready to kill the next person who tells me my prices are too high combined with tonights episode of LOST blowing what is left of my mind?

I've got nothing.

So I figured you can't go wrong with then Baltimore Oriole Kevin Millar openly rooting for the Red Sox to win the 2007 World Series.

Even though your a Blue Jay now, I gotta hope Theo and Co. are keeping the light on for your return as bench coach or designated "Make Papi laugh in the dugout guy", Kevin.

Whatever way it turns out, I figure it's a Win/Win.


Tex said...

I miss Millar!!

HorshamScouse said...

I think you should demand your money back from whoever sold you the childproof doorknob. :)

Didn't Win Win just play for Taipei in the WBC?

Sam Jackson's Lovechild said...

chills. just chills.

id pay millar in weakwaters if he would just sit around my house during games and tell stories and be millar

Ted D said...

Me too, Tex. And I think you may be right, 'Scouser.

JB: how awesome would having your own personal Millar be?

Rich in the garage said...

That kid will be cracking safes for me in no time.


Tex said...

Millar actually lives about 30 miles from my hometown...I think he should open a sports bar there and let me run it

Ted D said...

You nailed it, Rich. More than likely he's the next Dillinger.

Tex, if he let's you run it you'll need an assistant manager, right?

::clears throat::

Sarah said...