Saturday, July 26, 2008

Crash, Nuke, and Rakes. Sounds about right.

Ang and I took Rakes to his first Durham Bulls game tonight, courtesy of my good buddy ab who was accompanied by his brother BB and his wife DB and son BB and girlfriend EB. Yes, I'm aware it sounds like an episode of Sesame Street and these boys are not PBS material. But like I told Ang, they were on their best behavior and Rakes didn't expand his vocabulary much beyond "Beeah" and "Guitah".

Early on into the game, Rakes was clearly into it; after figuring out his free program could turn into a sword, he challenged ab, BB, and little BB to a sword fight. Only big BB took it seriously and threatened to teach Rakes what a wedgie was.

One of my favorite pictures of the night; ab showing what I already knew. He's a big softie when it comes to kids.

Kids being kids; only one of them is 4 years old. I think Rakes found a new favorite "Uncle" in ab.

BB, me, Rakes, and ab. Sort of looks like a police lineup that took a wrong turn somewhere, but I can assure you nobody went to jail.

At least they hadn't when I left them.

Finally, proof there actually was a Crash Davis. Even though he played in 1948.

I'm not sure there was ever a Nuke Laloosh.

If he was real, I can pretty much promise you he was AT LEAST one thing.

A lollygagger.


~**Dawn**~ said...

After what I endured earlier today (well, technically yesterday now), that Sesame Street comment and the names that inspired it was exactly what I needed in the absence of a cathartic Remy & Don gigglefest.

Ted D said...

Glad I could help, Dawn. Tonight sure did help me; good friends, good baseball, and a night at the ballpark with my first born son.

It's the cure to heal all Yankee wins over the Sox.

HorshamScouse said...

Looks like you had a really great time.

Unlike those of us who had to sit through today's loss:(

Tomorrow's long lunch better stop the rot. There's no way the Sox will lose at Fenway to Sidney freakin' Ponson.

Krystle said...

Awwh, a boys night out, litterally? That's too cute!

(fwiw, we're having weather issues again. The dog being terrified of storms has been up since 2:30AM, which is why I'm leaving a comment at 3:30AMish so if any typos happen - dont blame me =])

If we lose against Ponson, I'll just go into a corner and cry. I haven't seen any replays of the game and I don't exactly know if I want to either.

Alright, I think that's all I can type that is well, readable right now. Lets hope that I FINALLY get some rest =].

Ted D said...

Horsham, it sounds like we picked the perfect game to miss yesterday. Lester vs. Ponson? I like our odds.

Krystle, we had a great time. Hopefully the weather will get better by game time and you and the dog can get some rest.

Tex said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. ok now im jealous. I have to compete with AB in Rakes attention?? I'll have to pull a rabbit out of my hat to let him see Tex is much more fun :)

Tree Newt said...

Bro, I had to endure some of that debacle on the giant Toshiba TV in Times Square. Ugly. I'm sure this is all my fault somehow for coming to NYC, isn't it?

Rakes looks like he had a ball. I'd love to try and catch a game with you guys before the season ends.

Ted D said...

Tex,you have to compete with ab because he ACTUALLY CAME down! ;) He'll love you too.

Newt, of all the games I had to miss, I'm glad it was that one; we had a blast. Maybe we can catch another one before the summer ends.

Tex said...

and spoil Tex: the lore and legend of Fun :)

im waiting to hear about my son's plans and my family reunion plans. My aunt is in the hospital and so they not have the reunion...Id like to try and plan to see ya when i go to family reunion. ill let you know the closer i gets

Ted D said...

The welcome mat is always out for you, Tex. You know that; just let me know when to expect you in the driveway.

Mainly so I can warn the neighbors. ;)

Krystle said...

Oh I forgot to tell you in the time of 3AM last night.

There was this little girl at my mom's work outting, she was about 5 and she had down syndrome. She was the happiest little girl I think there and the cutest little thing ever. They are seriously the happiest people like ever.

Let me mention the storms got worse this afternoon. The good thing? The dog survived them...

Go Sox! For my sanity, win tonight!

Ted D said...

Krystle, I saw where you were up so late, so believe me I understand about forgetting. I grew up with a girl down the street who had Downs; always just the sweetest little girl you'd ever see.

And I know what you mean about your sanity; Lester vs Ponson is definately in our favor, plus the Rays lost today.

Tex said...

no worries. Ill warn the neighbors with my Black Betty music blaring as I'm driving into the hood. :)

Ted D said...

But THAT'S what I need to warn them about. ;)