Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'll take the Known over the Unknown please.

Even though I've tried to avoid the 2008 version of Manny Being Unhappy has finally found it's way into my wheelhouse.

I've always taken the position that I was fine with Manny and his Jackass-esque antics at time were just part of the package. To be honest, 99% if the time the stuff he does doesn't bother me at all; going into the Monster, high fiving the fan in the outfield, and making Lucy the Peanuts character look like a Gold Glover most days is funny.

Not running out ground balls, taking time off for sick relatives, and ill timed shots at management? Not quite as amusing. But I deal with it because he's STILL one of the most dangerous hitters I've ever seen, 36 years old or not. Plus I'm raising a mini-Manny of my own in Rakes, and I have some personal understanding of an independent personality; sometimes you've just gotta let them be themselves.

So with all the "Will Manny get traded?" talk and the media in hyperdrive with this latest installment of insanity we've heard a lot of comments from reporters, broadcasters, and fans about Manny being traded. Most I've heard say it's time to cut the cord and just get rid of him; apparently there are a lot of folks fed up with Manny being Manny and want to see a change.

Can I just ask one question?

For WHO? Who is going to protect Papi in the lineup and make opposing pitchers wish they were ANYWHERE than on the mound pitching to Manny with 2 on, 0 out and that maniac standing in the batters box? Better yet, what team is going to be willing to give up equal talent AND have to deal with Circus de Manny for the rest of the year?

For all his "eccentricities" Manny is still a bad man win it comes to the plate; take tonight for example. With all the hoopla swirling around him the past week, in a nationally televised game against their most bitter rival, Manny is 2 for 2 with 2 doubles and a running catch deep in the corner to get out of an inning.

Until somebody can prove to me that whoever would replace Manny would be better than him, I'll take a few trips down Insanity Lane all day long.

At least I know what I'm getting with the status quo.

Sometimes Manny being Manny is just fine with me.


Tex said...

its hard getting weaned off your binky isn't it? I feel ya bro. all i know is Manny has got to quit some of his antics. the lollygagging in and out of the monster dont bother me. getting into tussels with team mates and coaches. that bothers me. for someone who seems SO laid concerns me that he has anger issues. whatever the case, we really do not know what all goes on behind the scenes.

Ted D said...

Yeah sis, it's tough. And I'm NOT exscusing the things you mentioned; it's just that he's done that stuff or things like it all his adult life and it was overlooked because of what he could do. Now we want him to change?

I also wonder how much of this is being orchestrated by Boras; they pick up Manny's option and he makes zip off of it. I hate it when business mixes with the game I love. We'll see what happens in the next 5 days but I think Manny is here at least until the end of the year.

Tex said...

I think some of the behavior should change. he should grow up. I am very in favor of the free spirit behavior but i think manny is adhd and either he needs meds or behavior modification or someone needs to kick his ass. he is NOT a kid...the reason people continue bad behavior is cos no one makes them accountable. yes he is paid to be a bad man...but i want him only to be a bad man on the diamond not in life. Im just disappointed in that type of behavior. I love Manny and his childlike attitude. there can be a merge of growing up yet keeping your youthful fervor. I did it.

Ted D said...

Tex, big difference is you weren't being paid millions of dollars and everyone sort of looked the other way. Plus, I'm sort of with Cyn in that I thing the FO is partly responsible for all this stuff, particularly when you remember some members of the media are mouthpieces for management.

Which is just another reason I pull for the player over management; if I find out otherwise I'll be the first to admit I was wrong.

Tex said...

by "partly responsible" how are they responsible for him getting into it with youk and that coach? how are they responsible for him wanting to be out of the lineup? I am not saying i want manny gone. I just think there are some of the behaviors he exhibits needs to be tightened up on. I just want Manny to grow up alittle. the world does not revolve around him.


Ted D said...

Not that stuff, but the "leaking" of information, the MRI stuff, and the like. Look, I realize Rakes acts more mature than Manny most days; I'm just saying there is always 2 sides to a story and there is no way this is all 100% Manny. The fact they put him on waivers after 2003 tells you that current management/ownership is not in Camp Manny.

And we all know the world revolves around you, sis. We're all just living in it. ;)

Tex said...

oh 'that stuff'. i dont listen to that stuff. i just grow tired of some of the behaviors and wish he'd grow up some. and I never said the world revolves around me. just the weather is supposed to be good for when i go to boston.

oh yah. a new video is on

Ted D said...

Tex, your blog say's "It's all about me"! But I get what you are saying and I'm not saying I don't disagree. I just think with a guy like Manny that ship may have already passed.

I'm guessing Bickley and family are having a better night tonight. :)

Tex said...

the "Its All About Me" is the section with all my personal bio doofus. cos all underneath there IS ALL ABOUT ME. :P

Ted D said...

I think doofus may be the nicest thing you've called me. ;)

::sheds tear::

Tex said...

::rolls eyes::

Ted D said...

::sticks tongue out::

HorshamScouse said...

Stop bickering, you two.

I'm getting resigned to Manny being somewhere else next year but still looking forward to what he might do the rest of the way and into the post season.

There's no equal value out there and Bora$$ won't settle for what the Sox might offer.

Who'd be a GM and who'd be the best natural hitter the game has seen for generations?

Tex said...

::sticks out tongue at HS::

Ted D said...

She started it, John. ;)

And I agree; I think he's definately gone at the end of the year, but with the Sox thick in a pennant race there is NO WAY they trade him right now. I just can't see it.

Tree Newt said...

Lord, 13 comments you two? You guys were on roll last night. Personally, the goofy antics have never bothered me, but here's what does: the antics don't jive with the "trade me" crap. If Manny really didn't care, that stuff never gets brought up. He seems to want his cake and get to eat it too. I have no issue with this stuff in the offseason, but it has no place in the clubhouse of a legitimate WS contender.

But here's my solution: those nuts in Texas (no offense Tex) would take him. Let's bring the Raleigh native to Beantown. Yeah, he's not Manny, but who is? But I guarantee the antics stop.

Ted D said...

Whoa. A Manny for Hamilton trade?

The mind boggles, Newt.

And like I said; SHE started it. ;)

~**Dawn**~ said...

My thoughts on Manny 2008:

1. This management group has *never* liked Manny. I suspect they are setting the table for not picking up his option. But Manny called them out on not being able to trade him before the deadline. I believe he's right. Peter Gammons agrees.

2. It's not a season without a Manny drama. I have just accepted this as fact. It's like feeling the need to point out how hard it it to pick off baserunners with Wakey pitching because the knuckleball takes so long to get to the plate... oh wait. They do that too. Point is, we've heard it all since Manny arrived in Boston. This isn't new even thought the media tries to pretend it is.

3. I swear every time there *is* a Manny drama, he uses it to fire himself up. Just look at how he hit last night after speaking his mind! I have a good feeling about the Papi & Manny Show coming soon.

4. A trade for Manny isn't *just* about getting another bat that can protect Papi in the lineup. You also need that acquisition to be able to play LF -- a perfect explanation for why Teixeira would not work in this scenario, regardless of what all the talking heads say. (Sure, he played a little outfield but not since 2004 and we have no reason at all to mess with our infield unless he can play SS.) And no matter what idiocy he commits out there in the field, you have to admit, *nobody* plays that Monster like Manny does.

5. Kruk really is a moron. He said he doesn't understand how Manny can say he's had enough of the Sox (implying the team). Manny has had enough of the FRONT OFFICE. And to be honest? In part, I do not blame him. As much as I appreciate what they have brought to Boston, I am not a fan of Henry-Lucchino-Werner, themselves. Something about them has always... just not sat right with me. And the more I read "Dynasty" (the book by Tony Massarotti), the more I realize that Epstein gets a lot of credit for things he *didn't* do. Players coming up through the system that were products of the Duquette era. And that Beckett/Lowell acquisition? I forgot that took place while he was busy sulking. It was the interim GM that made that move.

So my (long-winded) point is: yes, I think Manny contributes to this drama just by being himself, but really is this still a surprise to anyone? Because it shouldn't be. But I also think that the Front Office and the media are just as responsible for this circus.

Ted D said...

Great points, Dawn. And I was just talking to my Dad about this; upper management gets no blame when it comes to the yearly Manny min-series. I think they've tolerated him this whole time.

Great point on playing the wall; Nady showed last night it's a severe learning curve needed to play that wall with any kind of efficiency. And a fired up Manny hitting lasers for the rest of the season?

I'll take it.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I am not sure if you mean they escape blame in the Manny drama or if you mean they shouldn't get any blame, but my eyes have really been opened by this book. Did you know they have been trying to unload Manny pretty much since they arrived? Sure, John Henry has the flowery press conferences where he says things like "we couldn't have done it without Manny" -- which by the way is the truth! -- but behind the scenes, that foursome has been anti-Manny since Day One. They don't like that Duquette gave him such a huge contract so they exploit Manny's eccentricities as a way to justify the day they set him free. Lucchino is notorious for "leaking" stuff to the media when Manny does anything questionable, stuff that Francona would much rather be kept in the clubhouse.

Ted D said...

Dawn, I meant they deserve some of the blame for the yearly drama, but for some reason they get a free pass. I knew they have tried to unload him every year, including putting him on waivers after the '03 season.

Have you read "Feeding the Monster" by Seth Mnookin? Came out after the 05 or 06 season; good stuff.

~**Dawn**~ said...

It drives me batty that they point the finger at Manny for all the drama, forgetting that when you point a finger, the others are pointing back at you.

I really tried to read "Feeding the Monster" but it just did not engage me. Mnookin's writing style just did not hold my interest. Massarotti's has though.

Ted D said...

I'll have to get the Massarotti book, even though he drives me nuts. I swear I'm going to stop reading him and CHB, but I always go back. The Mnookin book is really good, but to your point it's a dry read.

Back to your point, in any partnership there are two sides to a story; what bothers me is we're only getting the one side right now. Hopefully, we'll get the other side someday.

BTW, did you HAVE to beat me up so bad in the fantasy league this week? ;)

Tree Newt said...

I think they're all to blame. Mgmt. obviously doesn't dislike the spectacle enough to do anything about it. And, like Dawn said, maybe they see that it always lifts a fire under his tail and they do it intentionally. But with the contract deal, it's coming to an end. Do they let him walk for nothing, or do you try and get something in return?

Ted D said...

Mattie, problem is you are not going to get equal value, especially with Manny acting like Jack in "The Shining". I think they ride it out until the end of the year and see what they can do. Personally, I'd like to see them make a run at Matt Holliday in the off season.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Ted: I was getting a little worried there, truth be told. You put up a heck of a fight! You would have beaten anybody else in the league I think.

Newt: I think the problem still is finding another LF-er with a great bat to trade for. Because to lose Manny is to lose a huge bat and someone who can play the idiosyncrasies of the Monster to boot. Sure we could get something instead of nothing if we traded him, but I still think I would rather have Manny's bat & knowledge of Fenway's LF going down the home stretch.

Crystal said...

//Whoa. A Manny for Hamilton trade?//

Wouldn't that be fabulous.

I'm SO sick of the Manny being Manny crap. I feel like we're just waiting for it every season. He's always disgruntled about something. Making that money, I'd can't imagine being so disgruntled.

I'll hate to see him out of our line up, but I have to say, it's time for him to go.

Crystal said...

I don't think he'll go at the trade deadline. I think he'll finish out the season in Boston.

I like the Matt Holliday idea too, Ted.

Ted D said...

Dawn, it was brutal. The one day where I had like 2 points was the death knell. And the point about being able to play the Monster is huge; you can't learn that overnight.

Crys, as you can tell by my post, I'm a Manny guy and can overlook most of his nonsense. However, if it has gotten to the point it's becoming a cancer in the clubhouse, then maybe he's got to go this time. Hopefully guys like Tek, Lowell, Papi, Timlin, etc.. can keep the troops in line, at least until the end of the season. It's gonna be an interesting next few days for sure.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I think what really concerns me the most is the present effect on the clubhouse, Ted. Not what's being said, but what *isn't*. When guys like Tito & Tek don't say *anything* in your defense, and guys who never talk, like Lowell, are quoted as saying "I don't know. Sounds like something you should ask Manny." to me, that indicates a *real* problem. But I am sticking to my guns in that I think we need Manny down the stretch & we look at a replacement for 2009. Give a guy like Holliday a chance to learn the Monster early in the season so we can rely on him coming into the last third of the season.

Crystal said...

I agree with you Dawn about the players "reactions". I watched Tito's presser Fri night and when he was talking about Manny, it seemed like he'd had it with him.

Ted D said...

I saw the Lowell quote and read on SG about Pedie looking pretty surly when asked about it.

That's why I'm hoping Papi (who was back to man hugging with Manny last night), Tito (who gave Manny a fist bump) etc.. can get this thing at least workable.

And I don't want somebody trying to learn how to play the Monster in August and September.

Krystle said...

I don't know how to feel about the Manny being who the heck knows he's being. You can't lose his bat but you can lose the attitude. So it's a no win situation no matter how you look at it.

According to WEEI Mets, Phillies, Diamondbacks and some other team is looking to trade him. We'll see what happens.

It's not a season without Manny...

Krystle said...

being Manny*

Ted D said...

No, Krystle it's not.
And if they do trade him, get him as far away from the AL east as possible.

I still want him here.

Tex said...

all binky aside. I'm ready to just get on with the season with or without. quit talking and just let us know who to cheer for. Cos i dont know about ya but I cheer for the Red Sox...even if it's gagne, lugo, or foulke.

I'm tired of reading and hearing about all this. shut up and dance

Ted D said...

It's the trading deadline, Tex, It'll all be over come midnight Thursday one way or another.

Daisuke going for win #11 tonight? Or is it 12?

These kids are frying my brain.