Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pedie puts it all in perspective

Ignoring the fact the Sox just got swept by the Angels, I'm using today's blog to post my favorite Dustin Pedroia quotes. If I want to bury my head in the sand like an ostrich and pretend the weekend didn't happen, I will.

Besides, the boys head to Seattle tomorrow night and we could be 3 games ahead and in first place come Thursday. It's like my little brother candaon said to me today; it's a long season.

While you imagine the drum roll, here are my Hall of Fame lines from every body's favorite Munchkin. (Please don't take this as gospel. I'm going off only my own hazy memory, and considering the fact I have Rakes for a son I hope everyone will forgive any error I make.)

Remember, this guy is 5 feet nothing and weighs about 160 pounds; Soaking wet with his shoes on.

A. While flexing his arms to a group of athletes that include NFL players, Pedie yells "Check out the Guns!" at a training complex in Arizona.

B. In college, playing for Arizona State Dustin would yell at the opposing pitcher "you better get used to it... I'm gonna be hitting rockets off you all day!"

C. Taking batting practice with the Sox before games, the wee fella likes to yell "Get ready for the laser show" and I hope I don't hurt any kids in the upper deck today!"

D. Hitting a HR off anyone, the diminutive 2B will come back to the dugout and shout to anyone who'll listen "It was 95mph coming in and 195mph going out!"

E. After fouling off countless pitches from the Rangers closer Eric Gagne, Pedie hits a go ahead HR. Upon reaching the dugout he exclaims "That guy better learn another *expletive* pitch!"

F. Either Joe Mauer or an anonymous Blue Jay player (blame Joe Morgan for my confusion) once told Pedie "We don't know how to get you out." Pedroia's response? "Neither does the rest of the league."

Finally, the one that makes me laugh every time. After striking out against the same guy again, Pedroia comes back to the dugout and has one of his teammates ask the following question.

"What's he got?"

Pedie's response?

"He ain't got s**t."

Off to Seattle, and bigger and better things.

A Pedroia Home Run wouldn't suck either.


Tex said...

if i dont see the games, do they really happen?

Ted D said...

No, Tex. That's sort of the way I look at it.

Rays lost, so we finish the day where we started. Which is better than the alternative.

Tex said...

I am beat. I hope to post tomorrow about my football clinic weekend. but did ya get my voice call message? better yet, did ya understand it?

~**Dawn**~ said...

1. I can handle being swept by the Angels because they aren't the Yankees.

2. Or the Rays.

3. If we get swept in Seattle, you may need to put me on suicide watch.

4. ::whimpering:: Papi? Papi?

5. If you havan't checked out Nichole's blog from Saturday, you *have* to. NOW.

Ted D said...

Tex, I got it, but until now I didn't understand it!

Dawn, I hate a sweep. Regardless, but at least it wasn't the MFY's.

The only sweep in Seattle will be the the Sox in the drivers seat and Papi will be back come Friday. And I'm off to check Nichole's blog as I type.

Bickley said...

Thanks for those quotes, Ted! That made my night here at work, plus made the ugliness of the weekend a little more bearable. The Rangers even barely avoided a sweep by the Twinks. That's the first series they've lost in I don't know how long.

HorshamScouse said...

Pedie has cojones.

Sweep also-ran Mariners and the road trip would be .500, and the MFYs in Fenway with Papi back: pas de probleme.

Crystal said...

Those are great quotes! Thanks for posting them.

I smell a sweep in Seattle, but in out favor this time. :)

Ted D said...

Bickley, it was just one of those weekends; you just try to pick up and move on.

Horsham, yes he does. And I like the way you think; getting the big man back will be huge.

Hey Crystal! Here's to the sweep!

Tree Newt said...

Pedie is classic! To say he has a Napoleon complex is putting it lightly! But good stuff!

Enjoying your day off, little bro?

Ted D said...

He'll end up a Red Sox legend if he keeps it up, Mattie. Nothing wrong with a little guy having a chip on his shoulder. ;) Wore the boys out at the pool for 3 hours and spent the last hour and a half reading in quiet. Good day, man.