Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lessons Learned

Through extensive reading, searching the Interwebs, and countless hours of watching Dr. Phil, I've come to the following realization regarding my children.
If you want them to sleep, wear them slap out. Which is one of the reasons I took The Stooges to the pool this afternoon. And what do you know, it worked. Rakes fell asleep playing the PS2 for 2 hours...

Trot took a 2 1/2 hour nap AND went to bed at 8:30...

And Ciera DIDN'T ask me if she could watch High School Musical 2 for the 239th time.

Tomorrow? Marathon running followed by 3 hours of rock climbing, with some 40 yard dashes sprinkled in for good measure.

Finally, Sox win 6-5 thanks to a Manny HR to tie it and a Brandon Moss single to put them ahead to stay.

I'd love to know what Manny whispered in Pedie's ear as he crossed home plate after that bomb over the Monster...

I'd like to think it was "Hey mang; I hit that ball a long way. And did you know you get a Indiana Jones toy with your kids meal at Burger King?"

Welcome back, Manny.

You've been missed.


Tex said...

who are those masked men? er..children?

I see we won. Good thing. Keep em coming. Im not watching

HorshamScouse said...

I saw the box score before I watched the game and thought Manny got a Granny.

What happens to you germophobia when the kids are in the pool?

You were worried about the (infinitesimally small) infection risk from bare feet the other day. How do you let them get into the pool without a full body suit?:)

Edge of Design said...

By George, I think you've got it! Way to go man!! Do have your Sox wear out the Yankees for us for Sunday, k? Thanks!

Ted D said...

Tex, whatever you're doing, keep doing it. It's working.

Horsham, I figure all the chemicals they put in a pool sort of cancel out whatever germs go in. Plus I make them take a shower right after. But I gotta say, watching Trot drink the pool water makes me a little woozy.

Edge, good luck and I'll try to send some mojo you guys way this weekend!

Crystal said...

I missed the whispering incident! Now I must know what was said!


Ted D said...

Crystal, after he crossed home, he hugged Pedie for a little longer than usual, whispered something, and Pedie busted out laughing. I really wish NESN would mic him up sometime.

Christine E. said...

Evening everyone:

Ted: Ciera's only watched High School Musical 239 times? What a rotten father you are..LOL

I am sorry I haven;t been here in a while, since I have been back from the Philippines (GREAT trip, BTW) Its all been pretty much a blur of trying to catch up with my life..:-)

Heck of a game today--WHY are these type of games y never on when I am actually not in work?

Have I ever mentioned that I HATE off-days?

Hope you are well!

Go Sox!

Ted D said...

Hi Christine! Yeah, they need to take my Dad card away. ;)

No worries on your absence; I know how it is when I go out of town for a day, much less the Philippines! Glad to hear you had great time.

I got to see the game from the 4th inning on; fun times all around. And I'm with you on the off days. Not sure how I'll deal with no Sox game from Sunday until next Friday!


Tex said...

3 games not watched. 3 games won.

Ted D said...

You are the mojo right now, Tex. I, for one, appreciate the sacrifice you are making for all of us.