Sunday, July 6, 2008

If I Managed The Red Sox

... I'd never take Wake out in the 7th inning when he's given up two runs or less. Even if he'd thrown 327 pitches.

Other than that? I've got nothing. 'Cause if I actually had to do it, I'd more than likely stroke out in the dugout in the 4th game of the year. I have no idea how Francona does it, day in and day out, with everyone from the writers of the major Boston newspapers to idiots like me blogging about every little decision he makes.

As I type this, it's 4-4 in the bottom of the 8th in New York, with Jeter up and Slappy looming in the background. If it were me, I'd be curled up in the corner yelling "I don't wanna do it anymore!" while Brad Mills slapped me about the head and told me to act like a man.

'Cause while I can play a mean PS2 version of Major League Baseball, I caused 9 year olds to get thrown out at home playing softball when I thought they had a clear path to scoring.

Bottom line is, it's not as easy as it looks. And the guy HAS brought 2 World Series Championships in his first 4 years in Beantown.

I gotta think the guy has some idea of what he's doing.

Make me proud, Tito.

Make me proud.


Tex said...

and besides, I dont think a car can fit into the dugout

Ted D said...

Maybe a Prius, Tex. It'd be close.

Tito did all right tonight, except for pulling Wake. I'd have let him have a shot.

Crystal said...

A smartcar would fit.

Better known as smahtcah

Ted D said...



Hey Crystal!

Crystal said...

I saw one the other day on 128, I was just waiting for it to get squished like a bug while attempting to switch lanes. I was rooting for the little guy.

::waves:: Oh Hey!

Ted D said...

It's like watching a game of Frogger waiting for it to get squished.

Crystal said...

Frogger was my favorite, and only video game i've ever played.

Ted D said...

Frogger did rule, although I OWNED Mrs. Pacman.