Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Your Red Sox Double Play Combo in 2025

Forget Lugo to Pedie.

This is the partnership for double plays in the future.

The one on the left is the bruiser.

The one on the right is who'll play the hidden ball trick.

You can't say you weren't warned.

Oh yeah; he's also the one who is gonna slide into second with a fist aimed for your gibleys, charge the mound with the bat and the express intent of turning the pitcher into a living Popsicle, and will be the most likely person to jump on your back and ride you like a bull at The National Finals Rodeo.

And when he finds out the Sox dropped tonight's game 3-1?

I'm just grateful he has no idea what "Bite my Tweeter" means.

It's just Rakes being Rakes.

Which may make us all nostalgic for the heyday of Manny being Manny.

I'm just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

Even though I knew he was growing up, I am still surprised at how much Trot as grown when I look at this picture. It's a classic.

Ted D said...

He's getting big, Edge. About ready to toss his brother through the wall.

Tex said...

good gawd! They're gonna be all grown up before I meet the Rakenator and Trotster

Ted D said...

Tell me about it, Tex. You better get yourself out here STAT. They'll be driving at this rate.

Krystle said...

I'm not sitting in a corner going crazy about this game...I'm not...really.

These Rays "fans" aren't making me mad. No really, they're not...

Tex said...

well heck if they're driving now...tell them to come see Tex :)

Ted D said...

Krystle, you've got more self control than I do.

Tex, to me you're like a official map. If you go through Austin, you gotta see Tex!