Friday, July 11, 2008

When you don't feel good and still get hits, you know you're a bad man

Sox are losing 6-3 in the bottom of the 8th to the Orioles, which harshes my mellow something fierce. I'm flat out exhausted from playing all week and I need to get back to work just to get some rest.

I went looking for something to make me smile, and Manny, in a suit and tie answering inane questions from reporters during the playoffs last fall fit the bill.

One day, Manny will be retired or playing for another team.

I can't put into words how much of a sad I'll have when that happens.

I'll be back with an update if we can pull off the Mother's Day Miracle on July 11th.

If not?

Enjoy Manny.

Just being Manny.


Tex said...

who else would Manny be? RakesMan? The Trotster?

so i guess this means Im off the hook and can watch a game now?

Tex said...

some more manny to enjoy for ya

Anonymous said...

Hi Ang! I sent you an email. :)

Ted D said...

You're free, Tex. They lost with you not watching, so the luck has changed; Welcome back!

I'll pass the word, Edge. Have a great vacation.

Rebecca said...

I love love love Manny. Did you see the rant I wrote a few days back about the media here being all over Manny. He's my favorite player, next to Jason. And I too will be so very sad when the day comes and he's no longer in a Red Sox uniform...

Ted D said...

Hi Rebecca. I didn't see it but I'll go by in a bit. Manny not in a Red Sox uniform is gonna be a sad day.

Nichole M said...

The best was the awkward silence from the reporters after the bad man comment. BAHHAHAHAHAHA

Ted D said...

Hi Nichole! Not sure what happened during the playoffs, but Manny turned into a chatter box and hasn't stopped.

I think it's fantastic; guy is Hilarious!