Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Innapropriate Sweeps. Or Something.

As much as I love NESN and the Red Sox games, I'd have to say Ang loves the E network almost as much. Personally, I don't get it; a bunch of botoxed anorexic people pontificating about the personal lives of random celebrities with various pseudo reality shows thrown in for good measure.

But I'm pretty sure she doesn't understand why I'll watch a 4 hour baseball game, then stay up another hour to watch some guy in nerd glasses and another guy with an honest to God male version of the Farrah Fawcett haircut talk about what I JUST got done watching. So that makes us even. Sort of.

Anyways, I bring the E network up because of the following incident that took place with Rakes tonight. They get home from church, we scrub the daily grime off the boys in the tub, and while Ang puts Trot to bed, I get Rakes a snack so he can watch Power Rangers for a few minutes in our bed. As I turn the tv on, it's on E; normally this wouldn't be an issue, but tonight they were showing one of those previously mentioned pseudo reality shows. It just so happened to be the one about that 95 year old perv Hugh Hefner and his trio of bimbettes "The Girls Next Door".

Wouldn't you know it, they were all standing around in their underwear while I frantically tried to remember what freaking channel out of the 5,895 choice was Toon Disney. Before I could find it (it's 290 on DirecTV come to find out), Rakes utters the following.

"Ooooooh. Dis is inappropriate for me, Dad!"

I could only respond with "Who in the world taught you that term?"

Turns out it came from some conversation with his Mom about the new Batman movie, Star Wars, and some kid named William. I have no idea what any of this means, but I did get my laugh for the evening.

Out in the Emerald City, the Sox finished up a 3 game sweep over the Mariners, with Scenic Lowell putting the boys ahead in extra innings. Craig Hansen gave my ulcer an ulcer by loading the bases in the bottom of the 12th, but wriggled out of that particular jam and the fellas head back to Fenway sitting .5 games back of the Rays with the MFY's coming to town on Friday.

Great. Just what my high blood pressure and sleep deprived body needs; a three game series with the Yankees where every game lasts 5 hours, I feel like throwing up at least 4 times a game, and I utter profanities the likes of which you haven't seen since Richard Pryor was Live on the Sunset Strip.

I can't wait.


Crystal said...

I'm already nervous about the series this weekend.

It's not healthy.

Ted D said...

I agree, Crys. But I'm the same way. If it's possible to look forward to something while at the same time dreading it, that's the best way I can describe Sox/Yankee series.

I just hope we sweep them into 2009.

Tex said...

1. Leave Eck alone.
2. Does he seriously smile that way or do you prompt him?
3. We won, quit whining
4. ::books flight to NC::

Ted D said...

1. Eck needs to move into the 21st century.
2. Yes he does. No prompting necessary.
3. Not whining; pontificating.
4. Are you serious? WHEN?

HorshamScouse said...

//and I utter profanities the likes of which you haven't seen since Richard Pryor was Live on the Sunset Strip.//
Dat would be inappropriate for Wakes. :)

I'm not as worried about the Y*****s as I was about the Angels.
Chamberlain/JPB, Petttittte/Wakes and TBA/TBA. No problem if the bats continue their Fenway form.

And if the Rays go down on Thursday, we start the weekend tied first.

HorshamScouse said...

Turns out TBA/TBA is Ponson/Lester. Still no problem.

::plans excuse to stay home Monday afternoon to watch game on ESPN::

Ted D said...

Horsham, yes it would be!

I like the pitching matchups for sure and the fact we're at Fenway makes it that much better.

Tell 'em you've got irritable bowel syndrome on Monday; that should do the trick. ;)

Edge of Design said...

E Network!!! Ted? Please tell me you didn't seriously think you could possibly understand. It's a woman thing! You won't!

Ted D said...

Edge, I wouldn't begin to try to understand it; as long as it keeps her out of my hair I'm fine with it! ;)

Tree Newt said...

It's going to be interesting seeing how things go up in Boston, and how this city reacts to it. Hopefully, there will be lots of angst here. Lots.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I love when kids come out with stuff like that. It slays me.

What I want to know is how do you get NESN for the post-game show?? I thought Extra Innings cut out right at the end of the game itself. At least it always does in my experience.

Tex said...

its just after that story that I realized i have to get there to meet Rakes. I mean seriously...i have to make sure he understands what is appropriate and inappropriate shows ;)

Ted D said...

Mattie, it'll be intense for sure. I'm counting on the home field advantage to kick in.

Dawn, I was rolling. I have DirecTV and bought the sports pack which includes NESN. I get the pre game and post game and any home game my feed isn't blocked out. It's wicked awesome.

Tex, you have GOT to come; just let me know.

Krystle said...

Oh Rakes. The only thing I've been watching on E! is True Hollywood Story. He knows what's right...I think?

Don't you just LOVE the pregame/post game show? I met the guy with the nerds glasses once, really awesome guy and got me an interview on TV back in the day!

Been not a good weather day - even had a tornado in a town that's almost two hours away. Hopefully that's not a sign for things to come.

Ted D said...

Krystle, he's wise beyond his years.

Love the pre and post game shows: TC is the man and you can't beat The Eck.

Hopee the weather calms down for you.

Tex said...

first video up

Ted D said...