Monday, July 14, 2008

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better.


As if just making the Home Run Derby wasn't good enough, Josh Hamilton hit 28 freaking bombs in the FIRST ROUND. Which is 4 more than the previous record for HR's in a round. Rakes and I watched every one while sitting together in the chair; even at 4 years old, the boy figured out pretty quick he was watching something special.

By the end of his round, he was yelling and laughing at the top of his lungs, with every HR Hamilton hit matched with a pint size "WHOA Dad! Did you see how far DAT one went?" And with every David Ortiz hand wave, Ian Kinsler mid-round hug, and Milton Bradley taking Clay Councel a vitamin water and rubbing his arm, my grin grew bigger and bigger.

Can you imagine the emotions running through his mind right now? Just a few years removed from hell on earth, he's in Yankee Stadium with 50,000 + chanting his name with the best of the best of his peers cheering him on. The smiles on the faces of all the other All-Stars tells you everything you need to know about how they feel about Josh Hamilton.

Even though he didn't even have to hit, Hamilton comes out and hits 4 more dingers in round 2, setting up a 2008 HR Derby final of Josh Hamilton and Justin Morneau. Going first in the final round, Morneau hits 5; which means all Hamilton has to do is hit 6 to win.

Not counting all the Home Runs, the crowd at Yankee Stadium is cheering for this guy like he's the second coming of Reggie Jackson, Micky Mantle, and Babe Ruth all rolled into one. Who knew 50,000 ex-cons could show such compassion?

Sometimes, even Hollywood gets it wrong. Hamilton only hits 3 in the final round and Morneau wins the derby. It's sort of like last years Super Bowl; the Giants won the final battle, but everyone remembers the Patriots undefeated season.

I guess somebody realized Jerry Bruckheimer needed to figure out the ending to his next blockbuster on his own this time.

Well done, Josh.

Your Grandmother should be proud.


Tree Newt said...

Absolutely amazing. Man, I just can't get over how awesome it is to see him doing all this.

Now if the Rangers could just figure out how to pitch...

Ted D said...

Mattie, it really is a miracle to see him doing so well. In all honesty, the guy should be dead by now.

I think they know how to pitch, it's just convincing guys who CAN pitch to actually come there.

HorshamScouse said...

I'm watching my DVR as I read this. Stunning by Hamilton. And Counsil's even older than me!

Odd how everyone in this year's HR derby seems way smaller than they used to.

Tex said...

Im speechless. The Story of Josh Hamilton at the Home Run Derby 2008 is what will be remembered. Morneau i think even realizes that. And Clay the pitcher? We could use another bullpen coach

Ted D said...

Horsham, you've got me rofl with your comment about Council! And it is funny how they all look smaller. Hmmm.....

Tex, it was quite a night. I'm thinking Josh Hamilton won him some fans AND some endorsements last night.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I think it speaks absolute volumes when Big Papi stands there with a gaping mouth, just saying "WOW" over & over.

Ted D said...

Papi's reaction was priceless, Dawn. I'm looking forward to the game tonight.

Crystal said...

Unbelievable. Counsil was awesome as well! It's too bad the rules are as they are, Josh deserved the win, and like you said, I think Justin knew that as well.

I can't believe you brought up the superbowl... ::cries::


Ted D said...

Hey Crystal, yeah Counsil did pretty good for 71 didn't he?

Sorry about the Superbowl comment; I should know that the wound is still to fresh. ;)

Crystal said...

I don't think that wound will EVER heal!!!


Ted D said...

Sorry, Crys. ;)

You could be a Redskins fan like me, so you can at least take some solace in that.

Christine E. said...

evening everyone:

Holy Buckets Ted! I thought of you last night when I saw the most amazing home run derby EVER--I said to my husband, "Ted must be going NUTS about now" I am so happy that Josh has finally let everyone know what we have known for quite sometime--that he is a special kind of player, made ever more special by the hard read he has traveled...:-)

This all-star game is a snoozer so far...

Hope you are well!

No Sox for 3 more days! :-(

Ted D said...

Hey, thanks Christine! I wish he'd saved some swings for the 3rd round but man, was that first round fun to watch.

I just can't get enough of his story; he's an inspiration to a lot of people.

We're all well, at least physically, and having to wait until Friday night for a Sox game does indeed suck raw eggs.

Tex said...

anytime a person overcomes problems in their lives, whether THEY created the problem or not, i think it's a testament to their determination and faith in believing.
I have to say that the ONLY reason Im even watching the allstar fiasco this year is JOSH

Ted D said...

Amen, sis.

Although I always watch, I'm actually paying more attention than usual.