Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This isn't a baseball team; It's 25 Sybil's. With bats.

Lose 3 in a row to Los Angeles in California.

Take the 3 game series with Seattle in Washington.

Get back to Fenway, lose the first two games BADLY to the MFY's, then put 9 runs up on the board and humiliate Girardi and his minions on national television.

Follow THAT up by dropping the first 2 games of a set against the Angels, the second being a near no hitter before Pedie and Youk at least made it respectable. If I'm going with a pattern, I've gotta guess Beckett looks like Bob Gibson tomorrow, the hitters remember they are actually pretty freaking good, and we drop a 10 spot on the Halo's tomorrow night.

Look, I realize John Lackey is a pretty good pitcher; but there is no excuse other than the whole team contracted Bird Flu 3 hours before the game for him to throw a no hitter through 8 innings in Fenway Freaking Park. I'm not really sure what the problem is; don't know if it's fallout from this Manny nonsense, everyone is mad that one dude got voted off "So you think you can dance", or just the dog days of summer rearing it's ugly head a few weeks early.

All I know is the trading deadline is midnight on Thursday; back in '04 Theo shipped Nomar to Chicago and they won the World Series. Last year, it was David Murphy and some prospects for Eric "I can't pitch in a pressure situation" Gagne, and while he didn't exactly represent the second coming of Mariano Rivera, they won it all again.

So maybe we ship Jed Lowrie, Michael Bowden, and Wally to the Astros for Miggy. Or better yet, we package Buchholz, Craig Hansen, and Luis Alicea to the Phillies for Pat Burrell, The Phanatic, and a cheese steak. All I know is we need something, ANYTHING, to shake up the current situation and cause some excitement.

Meanwhile, I did my part to break up the no hitter; going against everything I've always believed about not calling fellow Sox fans during the game, I picked up the phone, dialed a Vermont phone number, and spoke to JD in the 8th inning. And wouldn't you know it? Pedie got a single and Youk hit a Home Run in the 9th to at least give us a moral victory; nobody no no's the Sox at Fenway Park. Little does she know that my superstitious, idiotic self will be calling her if some moron in Oakland has gotten everyone out in the first inning come the next West Coast trip; sorry, Jane. I just can't help myself.

As I cursed under my breath about the lack of hits and wondered how Pat Sajak still has that plush gig, I walked into my bedroom and saw this:

Beavis and Butthead, apparently enthralled with the latest edition of "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse". It was right about here I realized they must think I'm completely nuts to get myself worked up into a lather over a stupid game.

I just figure it's best they realized it sooner rather than later.


~**Dawn**~ said...

I was texting just about everyone I could think of to keep talking about "Hey! Lackey has NO HITTER going! You hear that: NO HITTER!" Thank God we at least saved ourselves from total disgrace. But for cripe's sake man. Do *not* give away Lowrie! You understand that's the only thing keeping me from throttling Lugo with my bare hands until his eyeballs pop the rest of the way out of his head, right?!

On another note: please explain to me why our bullpen can apparently be reliable on nights it doesn't matter?

Ted D said...

Dawn, understand those were just suggestions, not iron clad deals. If we can get The Phanatic straight up for Wally, I'm willing to make the move; even if it involves a 3 way deal that gets Raymond sent to Phillie.

I've got a sinking feeling Theo is working the phones for a SS and the days of Jed Lowrie in a Sox uni may be short.

I hope I'm wrong.

But yeah, Oki did look rather 2007ish tonight, didn't he?

~**Dawn**~ said...

Much as I like Lowrie, I could handle letting him go in exchange for a REAL shortstop. Not that he isn't but you know... they have that love affair with Lugo & I am afraid they'll just ship Lowrie back to AAA. What I would really like to see is something added to the pen because they give me a bad case of agita.

Tex said...

Wake me when the trades are over. I cant deal anymore

Krystle said...

Can I just say, after the game tonight - I feel sorry for my poor roomie, which I should find out tomorrow or the next day, who will have to DEAL with me during Sox games/especially during the playoffs. If shes a Yankee fan, I don't know what I would do.

I really love this time of year however, can it just end for the sake of my heart.

They've been trying to look for a shortstop from what I've heard so who knows.

Ted D said...

Dawn, I did hear yesterday about the Tejada rumors, but I'm not buying those. If they could get Guzman from the Nats, I can see move happening.

Tex, I'll hit you on the head when 12:01 tomorrow night happens!

Krystle, a win tonight would go a long way toward driving down my blood pressure.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Everything I've heard about Tejada is that the Sox have *no* interest in him due to his association with the Mitchell Report. We already have a circus in Boston. We don't need to add to it. Or trade away one circus for another. I tend to believe that is the truth. I would be stunned if Tejada ended up in Boston.

What we need is RELIEF. Ya hear me, Epstein!

Redbeard76 said...

We can haz more games vs. Seattle? Oh no, we got these freakin' Angles (yes, I meant to spell it incorrectly) on a title run playing like they mean it. Fuel for my fire for what turned out to be another mostly lousy night leading into what seems like another lousy day.

At least we have Beavis and Butthead to lift our spirits. And those nicknames totally work, one was blond while the other was the brown-haired on. One the lackey, the other the instigator. Works on soooo many levels.

Ted D said...

Dawn, I don't buy them either. I wonder who Theo has his eye on for relief.

Redbeard, games last night are worse than a kick to the gibleys; I end up in a state of frustration and trying to calm down enough to sleep. But my boys usually go a long way to helping me cope. Except both of these are instigators.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I have read a ton of names thrown out there as potential bullpen help but the thing is, the list is *so* long, it makes me dount it is anything more than random guesses.

Redbeard76 said...

The game went quickly, so at least the torture was not prolonged. We at least had that going for us. Quick and relatively painless, like a skilled executioner.

Crystal said...

OMP. I love Lowrie.


::hibernates until trade deadline has passed::

Ted D said...

Dawn, my whole thing with trading for bullpen help is it's a guessing game for the most part. See Gagne last year; you just don't know.

Redbeard, that was the one silver lining about the whole thing. Hopefully Beckett brings the noise with him.

Crys, I'm a Lowrie fan as well and I'd like to see him start. I just don't know if Theo sees him the same way right now.