Friday, July 18, 2008

Grandfather? Or Nut Case?

My Pop is taking this maniac, along with Ciera, Trot, and their two cousins hiking and picnicking in the mountains tomorrow.

By himself.

This is the same man who, when we all get together for the Holidays has to go into his room after an hour, take two nitroglycerin pills and sit in his recliner because, and I quote "All that noise just makes me really edgy".

I'm pretty sure he's lost his mind. I wouldn't take all of them hiking at the same time and I'm half his age so he's either tripping the light Fandango or an alien has taken over his body.

I can't tell you how happy this picture makes me; Papi in an actual baseball uniform with a bat in his hand. Yeah, it's in Pawtucket but still; he's on the road back to Fenway. All the stuff hanging in front of him is a PawSox ritual where the fans hang stuff over the dugout and hopefully get it signed by some of the players.

On a side note, this little tradition resulted in some good fortune for a couple of friends of mine, Cyn and Kelly. If you're interested, you can read about it HERE.

The Large Father has hit 2 HR in 2 rehab games and reports there is no pain with his wrist; looks like he's on track to be back a week from tonight when the MFY's come to town.

That sound you just heard?

The rest of the AL East cursing under their breath.

First pitch from Anaheim due in about 15 minutes; 10 pm starts when you have to work the next day?

They still beat getting a root canal.


HorshamScouse said...

I've met your Dad. He didn't seem deranged...

The Kiwis call it tramping: going off into the bush with boots, a water bottle and a compass. It doesn't normally involve a half dozen unruly kids and a Senior Citizen.

Give your Dad my best regards and my deepest sympathy:)

Ted D said...

John, the part about the unruly kids and the Senior Citizen is what leads me to think he's now deranged. ;)

I'll pass along your greetings and hope all is well in NZ.

Redbeard76 said...

Maybe Rakes will stay like that if someone slaps his back. Hasn't his mother ever told him... ;-)

Pod be with your Dad, he'll need it!

Ted D said...

Dad is a brave man, Stephen.

And it's just Rakes being Rakes.

Tex said...

would you please explain to me what Manny was doing in left field last night?

Ted D said...

Tex, I have no explanation. I don't think it was done intentionally, but I think laughing it up when you're losing big was not the right thing to do.

Tito looked like he could have throttled him with his bare hands.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I have to admit when Clay found himself down 3-0 with one out & men at the corners in the bottom of the first, I went to bed. When I got up this morning, let's just say I was glad I listened to my instincts on that one. =/