Thursday, July 3, 2008

Grumpy leads the Way

*Picture courtesy of the awesome Kelly O'*

5 hits. 8 K's. 2 BB's. 9 innings.

Final score? 7-0 Red Sox and all of a sudden, all is right with the world.

Jon Lester walked into the House that Ruth built and gave the proverbial bird to the ghosts, the Monuments, and the Steinbrenner family all at once. Jeter, Slappy, and HGHiambi? Meh, what else you got?

After watching 5 straight losses, words can't express how bitchin' it was to sit back, relax, and watch the hapless MFY's flail away at everything he threw up there. Captain Intangibles, the great Derek Jeter even had an error. Thankfully, I was watching the NESN feed and didn't have to listen to the Yankee announcers blame it on the dirt, the wind, or his ED problems.

Only thing better than that would have been Slappy taking a ground ball off his marbles and being taken off on a stretcher screaming "WHY? WHY ME, Madonna?"

Hey. It's a 4 game series.

A guy can hope.


Tex said...

i read "a guy can dope" instead of "hope" and laughed...thinking you were talking about Pettitte and Giambi

Ted D said...

Tex, that was my second choice of words. The "Dopers" didn't fare too well, tonight.

Did Paige finally go to sleep?

Tex said...

heck no. She's cleaning up the livingroom now. im determined to sleep late in the morning...only way thats happening is if she sleeps in...

sounds like the boys found their bats

Ted D said...

Yes they did. And Lester was doing his best impression of Beckett or Nolan Ryan.

Andy is the best they have right now. Beckett tomorrow and I guess they are pinning their hopes on Joba.

Good luck with that.

Tex said...

did i tell you I met the co-owner of the Express baseball team...the other coowner is Nolan. :) It was his seats i had for the Stro series

Ted D said...

No, Tex. You neglected to tell me that. How awesome was that?

You sat in Nolan's seats?

That is all kind of cool.

Tex said...

no. not Nolans seats. the OTHER owner. dont want to say his name on here. ill email ya about it later. got to get the lil munchkin to sleep now

HorshamScouse said...

Weird today, huh? After the Tampa suck, a game that wasn't in any doubt from inning 1.

JPB vs Some Guy Nobody's Heard Of tomorrow. Hope I can get up in time.

Ted D said...

Tex, I'm just picking. You putting a lil' one to bed has me giggling. ;)

John, yeah it was strange to see how dominant they looked tonight after the suckage in Tampa. Hope you can make it up in time; tough living in the future. ;)

Tex said...

ill have you know I am the Child Whisperer

HorshamScouse said...

I missed the first inning (go Scenic!!!! 3-run HR, 6-3 Sox) because of some high tech alarm system that failed to go off.
Off to get breakfast and find the train station,

Ted D said...

The Child Whisperer, huh? I know you Tex, and you are incapable of whispering. ;)

John, save travels today, and take some pictures!